Spirit Legends


I just finished playing your game, and want to tell you how much I enjoyed playing it.

In my opinion, this game deserves at least 4 stars, so the rating is a bit low. The game, being your first, is beautifully executed, there are no bugs, no glitches, no crushes, and most of all grammatically it's almost perfect, sans a few mistakes.

I hope you continue making games!

What are all those switches in all the Inns did?



I, actually, enjoyed playing the game very much, until... the Vampire Castle.
If I go upstairs, by either staircase, the game freezes. There's nothing else for me to do, I already got approval from 3 Heads of Guild (Kamen, Lindor, Po).
The other castle (Ruined) I don't have the key to go there, tried. So I'm stuck, and unfortunately have to quit, unless the creator provide the solution.

Like I said before, I was enjoying your game, yea the story is lacking, and all the other stuff mentioned in previous postings, but who cares, I loved the game.

So, please, help, so I can continue, and finish the game.

Zendir 2: A World Reborn


I've enjoyed playing your game hugely. The only regret is, it's too short. I downloaded it today, and finished it already.

Keep creating games like this, I'll be on lookout for #3 and other game you might create.

Thumbs up!!!

Zendir: A New World


I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but I bought a Health Ring, witch suppose to improve my HP. When I equipped it on Zaphilia, her HP went from 287 to 28.

After I equipped Fire Brooch on Zaphillia, her MAT went from 41 to 4.

Story of Integra

You're welcome!

Looking forward to the sequel, but I honestly hope you'll balance it much better.
I truly believe that exp. should be somewhere from 15% to 25% of HP.

As for this game, I had to grind or I wouldn't have been able to approached any of the bosses. I tried the vampire at about lvl 20 and couldn't do it, as for nature
one, I couldn't finished her at lvl.25. So maybe it's just me, or how I play, but for me the only way was to bring the lvls up.

Overall, like I said before, I enjoyed the game, sans the grinding.

Story of Integra

I just finished the game. And this is my thoughts, not a review.

+ The game is beautifully executed (there are very little bugs and non of them are game breaking).

+ The grammar is pretty good, except for mixing "his" and "her" (this is quite and accomplishment, since the creator of the game is not native English speaker).

+ Beautiful maps (I would have liked a little less walking on the interior of towns, but the World Map is not that big}.

- The game is a total grind fest. And this was my biggest gripe with this game. Although the creator sais in the guide that you don't have to grind, it's a total bull crap. Even the regular encounter require specific levels, otherwise your party is wipeout. And talking about the skull bosses, you can't approach any of those if you're less than lvl 25. But to reach lvl 25 is a long and boring grind fest, since the game is extremely unbalanced. Across the board the exp. is 5% or less of HP (example: 7,000HP monster gives 35 exp., and 20,000HP monster gives 65 exp.) The gaps between levels are huge, and there are 11 playable characters, who join your party throughout the game, and when they join you they are at extremely low lvl (example: when Angela and Lauranthia join late in the game, and most of other characters were about lvl 25, they came at lvl 16. From lvl 16 to lvl 25 is about 40,000 to 50,000 exp you have to grind for, and the most you get from monsters at that time is 100 exp. It's hours upon hours of grinding. Yes, in Hell you get double that, about 200 exp., but at lvl 16 it is a suicide to go there.) The regular encounters are getting harder in latter chapters, but exp. is still at about the same level. In my opinion the exp. received should be at the very least doubled, and maybe even tripled, or the gaps between levels should be at the very least half of what they are now. I understand the creator wanted the game to be challenging, and it's fine with me, but grinding for hours upon hours is boring, and I had to quit more than several time, because I was dying from boredom. Grinding for hours does not make the game challenging, and I think it was done on purpose, to extend the length of the game.

I tried the Ultimate Challenge with the party with lvl 30 and higher, and was wiped out after maybe 3-4 turns. At this point the gap between levels is 10,000 and higher, so even if I try to gring in Hell where I can get 200 to 250 exp. it's going to take days. So I'm not doing it.

This game could've been excellent and enjoyable, if not for long hours of grinding. The story is OK, the characters are loveable and pretty good developed, not bad cut scenes, some enjoyable humor. So overall it's not that bad.

And I hope that balancing in the sequel will be better.

Good luck.

Final Fantasy Dreams

Could anybody point me to the treasure in the swamp. I dropped the stone into the water, and it said "something moved" I have red flashing, but been over the swamp again and again, but can't find it.

If anybody still on this forum, please help.

Another thing is I equipped Pry skill, but still can't open Red Chests.

Would really appreciate some help.

Final Fantasy Dreams

I'm stuck in 1st Ice Cave under the 1st house in Nizbet, where a crystal blocking the way in. Have no idea how to bypassed it.

Please help!

Never mind.

Final Fantasy Dreams

i tried putting those 2 images into my rpg2003 rtp backdrop folder and it still didnt fix the problem can someone please help. it still crashes after the minotaur
do you have rm2k3 runtime package installed? if not not get it from Here(Clickity). if you do have the RTP put those images in the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterbrain\RPG2003\RTP\Backdrop" without quotes
OR "C:\Program Files\Enterbrain\RPG2003\RTP\Backdrop" if you use a 32 bit system. hope this helps.

P.S.: random but-
this is game is good but its glitchy (and unfortunately the Creator has passed), so make sure you keep lots of parallel saves. I learned this the hard way.

I followed your instruction and copy/pasted the two files in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterbrain\RPG2003\RTP\Backdrop

but game still crushes and I still get the same message.

Help please!

Disregard this message, it works now.

Eternia's Promise

Upon starting the game, I've gotten two error messages off the top.
Skipped the first one, since it said it's not game breaking. The second one is
"Script'Game_CrashPreventer'line87:NameError occurred. uninitialized constant Audio::UTFSEXT" and the game closes.