The village guild

This game sounds like fun. I really liked the summary because I'm a Rune Factory/Harvest Moon fangirl and I love when games have a sort of guild/job system too. The crafting system also made me really curious! :D
I'll give the game a try when I have some time and then leave my review on it here!

A Farming Game

This looks so cute! ^^

Notes From Province

I just spent about 2 hours playing the game.. and I LOVE IT!
The maps are gorgeous and easy to move around (I loved that underwater cave!! so pretty!)
The characters are so entertaining too, so far none of the characters that showed up have disappointed me, even the npcs seem to have a reason for existing in the game, beyond just being there, which I love!
The battle system is really interesting too, in particular, I like Sita's combos moves, it's so cool!
I love that you can decorate your home! yay!
And the quest tracking options in the menu is pretty nice too. I like being able to know what I have going on, sometimes I just forget after going around exploring. lol
There's so many things to do in the game and I like that everything just flows right in. You explore the town and eventually it kind of feels like you really know the place, it's a nice feeling. haha
A little question: There's only one thing I haven't seen in the game (yet? maybe I missed it?) which is being able to change our character's clothes. I would love to be able to pick a different (more cool) outfit for my hero! XD
I'll be looking forward to see what else you have planned for this game. So far it's been really fun and I'm pretty sure I'm far from having done everything that it's available in this demo version! ^^

PS: I almost forgot! I came across a script error when claiming the winning ticket at the beginning of the game (I think I didn't even had Sita in my party). I'm not sure what was the cause really but later in the game, after I was already a bit further along (after having recruited Sita and Ezekiel) I tried to claim it again and that time it worked without any issues.

Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle

This game looks so amazing! The screenshots had me drooling over here! :O
Subscribed and will be here dying for a new download link!

Journey to the East

I decided to give the demo a try. :)
I only played until the cave part but I really really like what you have done with the game so far.
The maps look just gorgeous! Inside and outside. It's a pleasure to explore. I really love the look of the game, from the rooms, characters to the towns outside, to the map.. it looks really nice!
The story sounds interesting too, the prologue was good and I'm curious to see what you have planned for our protagonist.
I didn't get to play around with the skill system but the "tutorial" about the skills in the river house left me really interested in it too.
The battle system.. ahhh. Honestly I found the battles a little hard. Considering you can't save unless you find a save point, I mean. The first part was a bit of a nightmare to me until I figure out the best way to go about my escape. lol
The journey in the cave is going a bit better though. XD
Overall, this is looking like a promising game. Keep up with the good work!

I'll go back to hunting bats (while wanting to run from those nasty slimes) now! :O LOL

Danganronpa Forge:Re

Ahh I LOVE Danganronpa and all Ace Attorney games! I can't wait to play this!
The screenies look so cool and so good. <33
And the features made it look so promising!
All the difficult levels! So much replay value! hehe
I'm definitely looking forward to trying this game! I hope you'll let us play a demo or something eventually! Because I'm dying to check this out! >_<
Anyway! Keep up with the good work! :)

Sherlock & Watson

I came across this today.. and I WANT and NEED to play this! XD
I played all your Infinity games (I'm a big fan of them) and Sherlock being one of my favorite characters ever!! <3 I look really forward to playing this one too.
Subscribed! I can't wait!

Peaceful Days

I love the look of this game! It looks cute and really fun! *I'm very HarvestMoon-biased tho lol*
I can't wait for release or for a demo for us to give it a try! <3
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