Star Stealing Prince

I made a wrong guess. When I hit the snow patch I thought that was it, so re-loaded. Anyway, I've worked my way through the Castle, my party are all together again; I've found the storage rooms (at least, I think that's what they are) - but no secret room. I've found the place where a bit of wall says it looks like there used to be a door there, but I can't activate anything. Where should I be to find it?

This reminds me of my only criticism of the game, and that is that nowhere is labelled with the name of the area. This can make for confusion, or at least, it confuses me sometimes. Other than that, I'm really enjoying myself.

It's always the way. As soon as I posted my query I found what I was looking for.

Star Stealing Prince

Just keep going and eventually you'll find the actual castle.

Well, except that I end up in the Boss room without ever getting into the Castle and therefore finding tomes, equipment etc. I've found 3 levels of airways: (1) where you start, having gone up the stairs from the entrance hall of the building (2) the level where you have to throw several switches to create a pathway (3) where there's a healing bowl, switch puzzle and the stairs leading up to a snowy area.
Any chance of a more specific hint? Thanks

Star Stealing Prince

I don't now what you're stuck on, but on the outside, there's a path left leading to a door which may look impassable, but isn't.

Now I'm even more confused. On the outside I've found a herb, a chest, a Tome and 3 pouches, but no left path leading to any door just the path straight up to a central door

Star Stealing Prince

I think I'm lost. I've got through the maze and have entered the castle. However, I go straight from the front door, through a hallway, up some stairs to what I think are called the airways, without actually going through the castle itself. What am I missing?

Epic Elf (2013)

That's the trouble with playing a game twice close together - I was sure I'd spoken to him, but I must have been remembering the first time.


This is something which has been mentioned before, but is still, IMO, a big issue. It's the miss rate. Someone spoke about how frustrating it is to get 3 misses in a row - well on a couple of occasions I've had 4. But far worse is when I've got a team of 3 (as I have at the moment)and they all miss for 2 consecutive rounds and then someone still misses in the third round. In the meantime they're being hammered by the enemy.

This is not challenging or interesting gameplay, it simply becomes tedious, and I am on the verge of jacking it in (something I rarely do once I've invested a few hours in a game) because the thought of trying to grind my way up through a couple of levels with battles like this is just too much to contemplate. Shame, because there are a number of good points about the game.

Will you be doing anything to adjust this in the future?

Epic Elf (2013)

I'm playing through the new version and I don't know if I've made a mistake or if a bug has crept in.
The first time round I got the man standing outside his house who had lost his key, and so was able to get into the Manor. This time he hasn't appeared, and I'm already at the end of the Ice Cave. What should I have done to initiate this event? I thought I'd done everything that I did last time.


Star Stealing Prince

I'm only as far as working my way through the Sepulcher, but just wanted to drop by and say how much I'm enjoying the game. Before starting I wondered whether it could possibly live up to its Review - well, it does.

The Damulan Legacy

Does anyone know if this game page is still active? The developer hasn't posted here in a long time, and the last query to be answered was done by someone else.

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Fits the theme so well.