Demon Apocalypse(Demo V1.2)

A bug has crept in right at the beginning. When you give the missing dog to the boy at the entrance to the woods, he goes away. However, if you leave the screen (into a house or down into the woods) and return, he is back in place - with no dialogue - and you can't get past him either into or out of the woods. Game stopper.

Music Challenge - Phase 3 Results

I've been shifting in my choice, one day it's this, the next day it's that.

In the end, and only because I have to choose, my vote is 7

Cosplay Crisis

Just downloaded; been conscientious and read the readme file before doing playing. I have played dozens RPGXP games, I have those .dlls in the system32 folder, but when I try to launch the game all I get is the 'Failed to load script' message. Any suggestions?


I was tidying up my notes, and I found something which I forgot to mention earlier.

In the Ancient Temple when you first arrive, there is only one ladder you can go up. If you walk on either side of it on the 2nd floor, you create a hole through which you fall back down to the first floor. If you fall through the hole on the left side, no enemies appear on the first floor. If you fall through the hole on the right side, it is as one would expect - they're all over the place. I tried this several times to make sure it wasn't a one-off, and it always happened.

Glacia Review

I've replied.

Glacia Review

I just double checked to make sure and you can use all restoration spells in battle. Perhaps you did not have the skill "equipped" when you failed to see it. Hope that helps.

I've looked at my saves, and they are all right at the end - I was being super cautious because I suspected a split party was coming up, so I can't re-create the conditions.

What I think would be fair would be to edit the review. As I said in the original, "I could be mistaken...". I could add something there along the lines of that being a strong possibility/probability that I am indeed mistaken.

I've submitted the edited version. I have no idea how long these things take to work through the system.

Glacia Review

The minor mana drain is one of the things that I came unstuck on because of the problem with the miss rate. Several times I used a character's turn to do this in the happy expectation that the other members would deal with dishing out the damaging, only for both them to miss, followed up by a couple of more misses while the enemy cheerfully hammered me. Though it is enormously improved since the demo, it is still sometimes a problem.

As for it being/not being available in battle, I'll see if I've got a save file where I had it equipped and it didn't show up.


I've finished the game, enjoyed it, and submitted a review. You can't say everything in a review, but one thing I really liked was the joke built in to the dialogue with the suits of armor in the throne room; I was all set to put something in my notes until I hit the last one in the line.


Something that might be worth looking into. The leather cap raises evasion from 6 to 50. However, after careful monitoring over a range of enemies, I can't say that I've noticed any difference in their hit rate, which I would have expected as it is such a big hike in the stat.


will be fixed in the next version.

As there's going to be a fix, are you interested in a list of missing information when you open chests? I've found several where the dialogue box telling you what you've found doesn't appear. If you are, I could pm it to you.