Re-Designed ABS

It's really been a while... but no fear, Ranged and Magic attacks will be in this tutorial soon!

NPC strategy

Sorry- I was a little late to respond. Sorry about that. However it may be useful before you actually code the NPCs because if you accidently delete one, the code in it won't be lost.

Nick's Unclassified Guide to Making Fanfiction Games Part One

Exactly why this article isn't very useful. Saying that there is a proper and a non-proper way to create a fangame is too formal. Also, nobody would be presuaded to actually create a fangame in a certain way because they have their own unique style of creating their own fangames and thus do not need help to create one. The message I have obtained from this article is this: "According to an unknown fangame audience, fangames should be criticized according to proper quality and way of creation." I personally do not see the audience of fangames and I just suspect most fangames to just be a spin-off of the series of videogames that it was created after. And as Shinan said, the article is also probably about how to correctly market fangames. There is one suggestion here- show us the audience. Where is the audience?

Battlers in RM2k3.

That's the tutorial's flaw. Removing the ROW from the menu isn't going to be enough. You're right, though, it would throw the thing off.

Door Tutorial

You don't really need to use two switches; you really need to use the Move Event command to face the event "door" in these directions: Right, Up, Left, and after that, activate the switch "Door1" where the door retains a open position. Now, inside the house/area, make a touch by hero event that turns the switch off. That's how I do it.

Sudoku Puzzle Tutorial!

Sorry for the mispellings. I was doing this fairly fast.

A useful programs for your RM2k/3 needs.

I forgot to add- please note that the Power Patch adds to your game size by 998 KB, and it adds the file RPG_RT.BAK into your folder. If you delete the BAK, your game's scripts will not be able to function. Also, the Power Patch is still in it's alpha beta stage, so that some scripts may not be able to function as you would like. Applying the Power Patch also lets the player use the mouse for some actions, but the arrow keys are always defined as the movement keys. The mouse is not able to move the character.

Go to RPG RPG Revolution to find the Mode07 script for RGSS. It should work. Anyways, I am still trying to find some programs.
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