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A wannabe artist.
Days will blossom and fall, in this greatest time of need, how will you choose to live?



In Search of Immortality

* q * I'll be keeping an eye on thisss

Secret Santa Surprise~ 2012

Oh my god. Finally a name to the genius. I ADORED MY GIFT VERY MUCH. THANK YOU. /wipes happiest tears.


omg that blod lady. I still love the sprites SHUN <3

Secret Santa Surprise~ 2012


Oh man, he looks ADORABLE here <3 Much love. <33

Learn Japanese with an RPG...

oh god this game. Just what I needed. <333 *EXCITED*


Played it. Loved it. <3

I agree that the art could use a bit of polish, but I'm sure you'll surprise us in the full release! : D

Booble's art stuff

Oh wow congrats on the art school Boobles! POST EVERYTHING!

Art Fart

Awww QuQ Thanks Alterego~~~ if i were to put all of my 'might' through them...I think they'd probably take a week or two or three each..haha! I'm somewhat of a perfectionist so it's a matter of telling myself to STOP at one point. BUT! You've given me a desire to try and finish a picture with my full 'might' as you put it hahah. <3

Thanks again~

Art Fart

Thanks Kyrsty!! And yeah, I only use PS. Sai is nice, but I don't really have a LOVE for it...and I use the default round brushes that come with PS. : >