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GAYmak the Rainbow event

Would it be allowed for us to star other people's characters from this thread in the gamemake on the weekend without limiting it to just our own?

Edit// DANGIT Libby, don't answer the q before I properly ask it!! X'DDD

Cast ashore

<3 <3 <3
ONCE AGAIN, it's a great start! Can't wait to see the end of the journey!

McBacon Jam 3

IF ANYONE HAS SPACE FOR A TOKEN SLACKER (me) please let me join your party. ^ q ^


wow lucius doesn't look like a boring fop anymore

He also doesn't look as nice as the RTP style..oops! Haha. BUT I'M GLAD PEOPLE LIKE IT.

P.S. LOVE YOUR AVATAR. Lailah is amazing.

Therese Saves the World

x} it'll get complete and look good so don't you worry.


; ^ ; The shadows + lighting on this map are real awesome chii.

THE MVLYMPICS! {Sign Ups Ended}

o/ OH PLZ..I will try for the glory of my ancestors.


AHaha, I was asleep for this discussion! Dang! But yeah, thanks to those that supported Christina's look. <3 When I designed her, me and Nessy tried giving her a beard mostly because it felt like she called for one and once I tried it out, it was hard to let it go. Sometimes when you design a character, you get that feeling of 'ohh this is the right design' and that was pretty much it. What the process didn't include was 'lulul let's put a beard on her and weird everyone out' or forcing this beard on a female character for the sake of having a 'unique character'.

Hopefully once we get the game ready for release, you'll enjoy her even more because she's proving to be a very expressive and wonderful woman. <3


*_* This looks super promising. I'm looking forward to it!

McBacon Jam #1

@cashmerecat: ;w; yes I did the Pink Lady portrait, Nivlacart will be doing some as well! As for the GUI, that is actually Archeia's handiwork~