Nihilo - Definitive Demo (Chapter 1) is in it's testing phase

I think I'm in love.


The Penultimate Push

i only go on rmn anymore when im drunk and this caught my eye. thanks for charming my heart. please never give up

Demon Slayer

im drunk and on rpgmaker and looking at old games and what happend, god damn it man where is this game

Rise of the Third Power

Demon Slayer: Rise from the Ashes: choo-choo 2: Electric Choogaloo: A New Hope

I find the concept of "non-downloadable" pretty amusing.

welcome back pentagonBae


hi hi. hoping you are well and still making things

Out with the Old

Whoops, missed dat edit. The big blue button at the very bottom will show them.

this is beautiful, friend. kudos on already having a great body of work done in your life

Ad Quietem Postremam

It's in hiatus in this form. Don't worry, nothing is going down the drain. We'll make a new post when we'll have something more to say/show (it's going to be months from now, so be warned). But after all these years, you deserved to know something.

glad to hear! we will be waiting~ good luck

Out with the Old

Whoa hey, glad to hear from you again! Good lord, I posted this over a year ago.

I posted an archive of most of them, going back a couple of years, before I lost interest. Hopefully that's enough!

ha holy shit i didn't even notice. whoops
where'd you post them?