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JB Hairboll in Murder Fl...
When a frog turns up cold in Flirty Bird Park, the fuzz can only call one cat for help...



Final Fantasy vs Dragon Quest (titles 1-6)

DQ8 is really sweet, the voice-acting they added to the Western versions adds oodles of charm. I haven't actually beaten it but the hours I put in were delightful.

Suikoden VI

Anybody here like Avant garde rock music?

Clowes <3 <3 <3 Have you read Like a Velvet Glove...? If you like Clowes, you'd probably enjoy Charles Burns, too.

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Final Fantasy vs Dragon Quest (titles 1-6)

Humm. Things really began to branch out with FF4. Dragon Quest has stayed largely the same in that plot has always been in the backseat and firmly tongue-in-cheek, but Final Fantasy went on to tell increasingly complex, convoluted and bizarre stories with differing settings.

Compare the world of DQ1 to DQ6, and the world of FF1 to FF6. DQ is happy with minimal changes to its world.

Anybody here like Avant garde rock music?

Maruo is extremely intelligent and well-read, and there are many literary references, not to mention harsh criticisms of the modern family unit, Japanese politics and fascism within his works. Ultra Gash Inferno contains an adaptation of Bataille's Story of the Eye, while his straight-up 2013 graphic novel adaptation of Edogawa Rampo's The Strange Tale of Panorama Island is unmissable and quite beautiful.

Compared to crass artists such as Waita Uziga, I'd be hard-pressed to describe Maruo as exploitative or even ero-guro. His work is erotic, certainly, and heavily inspired by erotic-grotesque writers such as Rampo and the Shunga movement, but there's a lot going on underneath the (admittedly abrasive) surface.

Anybody here like Avant garde rock music?

Suehiro Maruo! I don't recall that particular image being used for an album cover, but he did do John Zorn's Naked City.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

The DDS duology get way too grindy after awhile. I got near the end of 2 before I just couldn't take it anymore. The first game was enough for me.

Year end lists

The Imitation Game is OK, the dialogue is a bit too Hollywoody and it downplays Turing's sexuality a bit. Annoyances, but not a bad film.

Anybody here like Avant garde rock music?

I dig Residents, I used to be a really big Throbbing Gristle fan as well but I guess I probably wouldn't call them rock music. I still like their early albums but I met Genesis P-Orridge and I really did not like him. Chris and Cosey are awesome people though.

Tago, are you into any of the other artists in that circle? Psychic TV, Coil, Monte Cazzazza, etc?

Here's some other personal favorites:

bonus: name that sample

Year end lists

Bit of a shameless plug for my nonexistent website, but here's my 6 favorite games of the year!

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6. The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo
5. Bravely Default
4. Binding of Isaac Rebirth
3. DanganRonpa
2. Ghost Suburb II
1. Huevos Rancheros