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JB Hairboll in Murder Fl...
When a frog turns up cold in Flirty Bird Park, the fuzz can only call one cat for help...



Square-Enix Decides To Give All SaGa Fans A... whole new game! Imperial SaGa, that is. (and it's not online!)

I hope the Vita entry is a genuine SaGa game. Such a bizarre and wonderful series.

One of the fun things about SaGa is the many mysteries found in the games. SaGa Frontier and the original Romancing SaGa had a lot of cut content, but enough references to the content remained that everything was just...odd. The inconsistency was surprisingly fun to get acquainted with.


Cool! Is that underwater wobble?

Rance - The Brutal Legend

Is it porny? Rance is pretty porny!

[Poll] Best rts on the DS

Ys Strategy?

(I haven't played it but I hear it's awful)

Square-Enix Decides To Give All Of Its Fans The Middle Finger By Re-Releasing The PC Port Of FF7 For The PS4

Why does everyone keep demanding that old games get remade? You've already played them. You can already play them again. I would rather see the effort go to something new.
Because getting the greatest game ever made (Chrono Trigger) on the SNES would set me back $450, but luckily I have a port on the DS I can play anywhere!

I don't mind the "wasted" effort of remakes - it's not like the game companies that do remakes don't have a lot of spare "efforts" to put towards the task. New graphics, new polish, updated conveniences (like being able to Save in SMB Allstars!), (usually) new content - it can be a boon. Especially if you missed the game the first time around.

That's not a remake; that's a port! And I can get behind that, because it's wonderful when older games are made available on newer platforms so a wider audience can enjoy them.

Square-Enix Decides To Give All Of Its Fans The Middle Finger By Re-Releasing The PC Port Of FF7 For The PS4

I do agree, on a case-by-case basis I suppose. If it's something that hasn't stood the test of time, or previously had a low print run, I can vibe with it. But hey, I love this year's Binding of Isaac remake and the original game is still relatively new and excellent.

It's probably not worth flipping out about a remake not being developed though!

Square-Enix Decides To Give All Of Its Fans The Middle Finger By Re-Releasing The PC Port Of FF7 For The PS4

hilarious tho

Square-Enix Decides To Give All Of Its Fans The Middle Finger By Re-Releasing The PC Port Of FF7 For The PS4

oh god this again.

is it so much to ask to just play the game again? you liked it the first time, didn't you?

my two favorite games are snatcher and persona 2 eternal punishment. i take great pleasure in playing them start-to-finish every couple of years, and i always see a snippet of content that i missed the first time round. i don't need them remade, i don't want them remade.

besides, you know they'd just fuck it up. the guys at square are not good writers: ff7 was a great game, but in terms of plot it was a convoluted pseudo-philosophical mishmash of mythology and bologna. if ff7 was remade today, it would be re-wrote as a pretentious base-level existentialist crisis ala ff13. with more sunglasses and belts.

to conclude
1. be careful what you wish for
2. be happy with what you have
3. brand new stories are better than retreads and cash-ins

White to Black: Downfall of the Hero (Plot Idea)

UPRC, have you played Suikoden 2? (If not, now's the time, it was just re-released on PSN yesterday)

Spoilers below, so...

Suikoden 2 follows the story of two best friends who are conscripted into the army and are then caught in the middle of a false-flag attack in which their government slaughters its own soldiers. The two friends survive and escape, but eventually they become separated, with the protagonist joining the resistance, and his best friend joining the original army in an attempt to change its corruption from within. The best friend, though well-intentioned, finds that he must embroil himself in dodgy politics to rise through the ranks, becoming the central antagonist of the game.

We only get to see brief snatches of this friend's journey and growth into a formidable general. It would be interesting to see a game set from a similar character's perspective.

Also, Tactics Ogre takes a similar approach:
At the end of the game's first chapter, the protagonist is given the choice of obeying his commanding officer's order to slaughter an entire village of unarmed civilians, or to rebel against his own country. This is not a 'but thou must' choice, and changes the trajectory of the game's narrative completely, allowing for a 'lawful evil' protagonist if the player desires to see that story play out.

Storytelling for a Short Game

orz is Japanese for OTL