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JB Hairboll in Murder Fl...
When a frog turns up cold in Flirty Bird Park, the fuzz can only call one cat for help...



What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

No love for No More Heroes? I think the first game is one of the smartest pieces of satire within the medium. It was also Suda51's final truly postmodern game before embracing...whatever it is he's doing now. :(

I'm playing Tales of Hearts R, for Vita. It's great to have a Tales game in my pocket, but jeeezus this plot. It's one of those JRPGs that consists of a cast that can't stand to be around each other, which is an awful way to present your story.

Using RPG Maker, how realistice would it be to do everything non programming related

Further to Orochii's post, Jasper Byrne did Lone Survivor virtually single-handedly.

It's possible, but it will require a lot of time and patience.


Hold up, I knew Suikoden 1 was already available on US PSN, and 2 was coming out this week..but they're both hitting the non-US store this week too?!

I already own both physically, and have beaten them numeruous times, but I really want to play them on my vita <3 <3 <3

Under World 3

I was being facetious, as your chosen topic is very focused and rather unusual. I wasn't actually accusing you of fraud. Welcome!

Recommend my brother some RPG/RPGMaker games?

Exit Fate? It's essentially Suikoden 2, thematically as well as liberally borrowing its sound and graphic resources. Despite this, it's still a solid game, though the battle system isn't that satisfying.

Under World 3

Did you make it?

Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

I am of the opinion that body cameras on all cops all the time is something everyone seems to want. That would solve a lot of issues on both sides of the issue.

The opinion of a true "self righteous fuckwit"

hello there

but even when these things do get caught on tape, cops are very unlikely to be indicted. tha's just wthe way the justice system works in america. it's like the mafia.

Can we talk about the Mike Brown/Eric Garner/etc situation?

oh buddy :(

Can we talk about the Mike Brown/Eric Garner/etc situation?

oh for heaven's sake

Most tripping features on an RPG?