Eremidia: An Empty Tome

I wanna show off my endgame party too d:

I'm a solid pro-harem party maker. I refuse to let a man into my party. Cept maybe for dual daggered assasins with white hair...
okokok.. sooooo.....

Moveset aside, Luna's a fun character with her narcissism. Now then looking at her moveset, she's ridiculous. In the same turn, she can debuff defense to a 2x2 area, and then throw out ice. Positioned in one of the two middle front spots in a formation allows her skills to have coverage of the whole field(meaning she can hit anyone on the other side). Not only that, but let's take a look at her skillset.
Frostbite: 1x1 magic damage, 2 turn stun
Frostblast: 3x3 magic damage, chance to stun(I've never seen it not stun)
Unicorn horn: 3x1 magic damage, 1 turn stun
Howling of the moon: 1x1 magic damage, 1 turn stun.
notice any trends? stuns stuns stuns <3 duration of one stun is finished? time for the next one.

Now for Ningrum ^_^ She, and Ryuna played a very important part in my party. All my money, all my efforts, sacrificing any expensive equipment on any other characters, I paid all I could to make sure she had as much damage from equipment as possible. She has a double attack every couple turns, and when each arrow does roughly 100-150 damage each, 2 arrows per basic attack is something to be satisfied with.

Ryuna as well deserved the special treatment as a dps. Now this wasn't because like Ningrum, who had double attacks every couple turns. This was because she had double attacks EVERY turn. Although Ningrum's passives let her do more damage per shot, Ryuna had no shortage of damage coming from her uppercuts. Putting all her points into Dance of the Dragon(I liked what you did with her chest drop and hip drill buster :3) and shift stance, Ryuna becomes one hell of a damage dealer, not only within her basic attack range but also her massive aoe damage is something to watch. Not to mention her weak but aoe heal.

We've finally made it to our last character, Nina. She wasn't as much of a help as the other 3 in my harem against the act I boss, but she did do her share of damage. Regardless, she was absolutely wonderful at bringing me to the boss. As long as she didn't have to move or turn on vamp, she could doublecast telekinesis as well as her chainlightning. Both of which are relatively strong. There's not much better for clearing wisps than a combo of aoe skills all in one turn.

In conclusion, i brought luna to make it so no one will ever get attacked, ryuna because she's awesome and she's a good damage dealer, Ningrum because she's a strong damage dealer as well, and lastly Nina because she's probably the strongest for aoe damage if not Thuriri(I was doing 120s to groups of mobs at lvl 3. I was bad at the timed hits for her potions so i decided to never touch her again. Maybe she's stronger) All of them have wide aoe coverage as well as ranged attack reach so those are bonuses ^_^ and that concludes the report on my harem.


could someone help me pl0x? Heppened when i tried to save.
Also happens when i try to clock the continnue button

nvm it only happens when i save in ur house... it doesn't happen anywhere else.

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm

darn i was a big fan of seeing myself jump around the battle screen )':

Finding Eden

Short )': mush have moar!

Eternal Destiny

I umm sort of figured that it was because i was walking into the desk, and that the event would not proceed until it heard the end of the movement, so checking the "ignore if can't walk" thing or whatever it was should fix the problem. Is that option in this version of rpg maker?

Eternal Destiny

it freezes here for me after i beat the demon and go back to the castle.
someone wanna help me? ^_^


Lawl. give edan a bow, a sword, a chilipepper, a kinect armlet, and his default phoenix emblem..... Spam lvl 1 attacks :DDDD I just beat the last boss. I loved this game! The battle system was uniquely interesting, and the story-line was pretty good. I can't wait to play the rest of it ^_^

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

I'm playing your game right now. So far so good. The start is a bit rather too calm for my taste though and all the quests so far are story driven. It's like there's no side quests. Anyways when I've completed it. I'll give it a review. There are a few mistakes in this game that need sorting out though. Some of them I'll spot out in the review.

There are a few mistakes, as it is beta, and even the text has grammar, repetitive word issues, etc. But it's not really a bad thing that there aren't side quests. Of course side quests in the future will probably be needed, as a linear storyline is hardly fun, but i find that working on the storyline at once without the distraction of side quests doesn't make the author of the story stray completely off their original intentions. Now this isn't always a bad thing if it's a minor stray, but i would not like to see their original quest to become a "pwnzorz mage that can defeat all evil" instead of just obtaining star ranks. Of course you could merge those two goals into one story if you integrate one into the other, but i would not like to see the author lose their original intention. What I'm getting to is that even though there is a lack of side quests at this moment, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Luster can always just go back into his project and add side quests once he's done with his story.

Ill Will

can't wait to try it out O.o
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