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[CHAIN GAME] Tales from RMN: A horror anthology game [SIGN UPS CLOSED]

Yep, I'd like to join, chaingames are fun and I need to get back into shortstory gamemake.

[CHAIN GAME] Tales from RMN: A horror anthology game [SIGN UPS CLOSED]

I'm interested. Is this timed to finish at Halloween? That's be 6/7 weeks/chapters?

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

#lynch shinan

I should be back by EOD I think. Shinan if you're pazuzu you should claim, even though I think that that role would be neutral or scum. It's possible this is lylo so if pazuzu is neutral that's better than nothing. Gourd's results make it hard to do anything else this day if cave's Gourd vs DS information is unconfirmed though.

@Cap: I don't think there's a godfather permascum without at least one non-godfather permascum or else Gourd's role was useless. But I more think we have a Pazuzu permascum plus a possession recruitment/bodyswapper.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

I had forgotten that with demonlord dying d1, scum would've had to recruit on night 0. So going back to the theory that's either demonlord or the newly dead scum that picks the target.

shinan, are you denying being pazuzu? I'm still in the air if cave's role is BS or not.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

@CAVE: I'm pretty sure now either Pazuzu is feeding you bullshit for their amusement, or you're feeding us bullshit for your amusement.

@Cap: You're taking cave's demon's info at face value? And by delayed nightkill, you mean permascum recruit a temp scum into their ranks for one night, who then dies? That sounds reasonable but would also mean a scumteam of one. Two permascums plus a recruit would be game over right now. Sooo this would mean a setup of one godfather superscum (DS) and a seer who was incapable of ever scumhunting.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Also @shinan -- are you implying that CAVE has a godfather hide-from-seer sort of ability? Because Gourd claimed he got a non-mafia result from cave, and if this is a recruitment/bodyswap sort of game, he wouldn't have been scum two nights in a row I don't think.

@DS - I guess you think pazuzu is a liar then?

Interested what cap thinks about a fixed vs fluid scumteam given LockeZ's death.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Though... I'm sure someone has mentioned this before, but... couldn't CAVE had made up his role?

I have thought this on and off for half the game, but I find it hard to imagine what it'd buy Cave to fakeclaim it. Gourd confirmed cave "wasn't mafia" though so I'm only worried about it as a possible flag to scum that he's the vessel, but I guess it wasn't or we would've lost by now.

Although Pazuzu's info is dubious. I can't decide whether I think it's a scum investigative power or else some scum directly feeding misinformation to cave. With LockeZ dead that's less likely to me though.

also, pazuzu is trying to convince me that if we kill me, there won't be a night kill tonight. which is...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I don't get this. Is the implication that there won't be a nightkill because we'll have lost the game? ie saying there are two scum? Or is he implying you're performing nightkills and expecting you to argue against yourself in the topic?

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

1. Then why would people be flipping red? That'd be intentionally misleading.

2. Ozzy stated during day 2 that he had investigated Ebeth the night before, and she was not the vessel. Ebeth was killed that night. At the time I assumed that scum nk'd her because she was "safe" to kill, ie not the vessel. But that doesn't make sense if they killed LockeZ, he definitely could've been. So my guess is they died because someone the /previous/ night recruited them (or the destiny spirit bodyswapped to them or w/e)

Also keep in mind that piano said beforehand this was a setup that hinged on players not knowing the full rules. Having a godfather or something would be a standard closed setup so I'm confident something fishy is going on. Especially with Gourd's seer powers. I really think he was supposed to inquire about rules and objectives but instead wasted time thinking it was possible to scumhunt. (even in a fixed team game yeah I don't think this role gets added without some mitigation)

Only way odd is scum is if he's immune to seer powers to start. To get rule-violatingly technical like that he would've had to recruited someone who was town or have been recruited to scum by someone unscrupulous. But I'd say probably about a 9 just because the only post he made yesterday was about how he preferred his eggs.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

i'm going to assume we're barking up the wrong tree with the 'switching scum' thing because if it's true then there is literally no basis for any lynch right now.

It's not like that's stopped people from designing games like this before. Presumably this is why we had all the town investigative powers.

I'm still not buying static scumteam:
1 - Why do people flip as "POSSESSED" and not town?
2 - Why would LockeZ be the nightkill? The nightkill obviously isn't scum looking for the vessel, because Ebeth was killed. LockeZ had hammered seer and was waaay more suspicious than like, Odd, who everyone knows is town.
3 - I doubt there's a godfather because Gourd wasn't even a cop. What would their ability be? If the seer happens to phrase a question about your alignment, you'll be counted as vanilla? There'd be too many edge cases with questions like "how many scum are there" which is what I think Gourd was meant to ask -- he specifically said he was able to ask "how many" not just yes/no.
4 - I can see shinan as scum sort of, but not as solo scum, because that'd probably make him Pazuzu.

The only thing that doesn't work with my theory is why LockeZ registered as not-mafia to Gourd if he was possessed. I had been working under the assumption that possession lasted a day before killing the host. Maybe there's a distinction between permascum ("mafia") and a temporary recruit ("possessed"), sort of like a cult leader that killed their minion after a night. Still wouldn't explain why demon died unless the recruitment power was night 0. I really, really wish Gourd would've phrased his questions as "anti-town" but I kind of wish he did a lot differently so w/e.

the eye is still there but at the end of last night it just said it was closed. like the eyelid is closed i guess. I have no fuckgin idea if that means it's "dead" or roleblocked or needs to rest or what. at this point I'm fairly sure it's not actually a player. didn't get any message to the effect of pazuzu dying yet.

You're fairly sure the eye isn't a player? Don't you have a masondoc with them?

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

@cave: Any investigation result? And are both Pazuzu and the eye still alive? I thought LockeZ would've had to be one of them. I'm specifically interested in trying to evaluate that DIFFERENT result from Gourd+Dudesoft if Gourd was town. It would indicate either that 1) the investigation returns DIFFERENT for power roles, 2) DS is neutral, or 3) pazuzu is a liar and should be killed if possible. Outside chance that pazuzu is demonlord trolling you from beyond the grave similar to Liberty in SMT.