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[MAFIA] Problems at the Precinct.

Alllright, I'm in.

[Poll] Discord mafia: Aye or Nay

Well, I'm not sure if it'd be a good thing if I participated -- I would definitely try to make it but end up following cavedog's title text

[Poll] So who wants one more McBacon Jam?

Yeah, sorry, Ziggs participating as a dev probably isn't relevant, except to say that the audience for this particular event is probably the 15~20 people that are in every event. I've gotten two really excellent games out of this series so I'd hate to poison the well with towards community participation by firing off something that people are lukewarm about.

The other point though -- I mean I don't think it's fair to describe a suspicion towards an abandonware/abandonevent problem as a personal one rather than a community one.

[Poll] So who wants one more McBacon Jam?

^ this is not a great attitude to take when Stupify and RMNlympics were literally abandoned by their hosts, and while it's technically not possible for a McBacon to be "abandoned" because there's no actual work to it, it's not a great look when even the series' titular subject isn't willing to participate in it.

It /is/ a violation of trust to pull stuff like that and it /is/ super discouraging to those involved. I can't speak towards whatever group people entered with re:kory's stuff, but there is this sort of attitude that abandoned communityprojects/events/groupgames whatever is the norm.

e: @Kentona I don't really count the last McBacon as negative haha, we specifically cancelled early to avoid stuff like this because it was clear where it was headed

Mafia Guide; Hosting, Suggestions, and Discussion

Equally likely is the way to do it, that's what most models use. Scum is just as good at weaseling around and manipulating the vote as town is at sussing out its liars. Usually better.

also if please consider when the last town RMN win was, where it's supposedly so easy to find liars

Mafia Guide; Hosting, Suggestions, and Discussion


Also, I'd like to propose that we enforce that all games come through this topic first and not sign up for ones that don't, just because otherwise the "sign up before slots gone" mentality takes over the "please vet/delay the game for site sanity reasons" one.

Mafia Guide; Hosting, Suggestions, and Discussion

Haha, scum 1.5x more likely is very optimistic.

Anyway as much as I like mafia a week cooldown minimum between games in general would be really nice -- I probably wouldn't sit out, but I'd sure as hell get burnt out.

[Poll] So who wants one more McBacon Jam?

As much as I wish I could say I'd participate, a string of bad event experiences on this site kind of make me realize I'd sit it out. I'd think excitement/interest in general would be down aside from the core users, and one of the strengths of the originals was that lots of lesser-known or usually-busy people rolled in because of a unique theme, which is no longer unique at #5.

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

Scum thought the deck was stacked because they didn't realize they had their full set of nightkills, don't make me write a simulation like I did after Blob's game, haha

e: the modconfirms prevented it from devolving I think, imagining if I was claiming to be the roleblocker on d3... and I would never have bought aneko's vig claim after her fakeclaim on d2

maybe town-weighted/scum-weighted isn't the correct term when I can think of multiple plausible ways it all comes crashing down on N2