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[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

It makes no sense for a fixed-side scum game. From my perspective, at face value, that'd mean Shinan is only scum. The players aren't confirmed town for sure, Gourd asked if anyone was "mafia" which would exclude neutrals as well, but even so, it's more likely that scum switched between his two searches. This looks to me like an annoying game where scum shifts sides and scumhunting is impossible.

I also question whether Gourd was /ever/ going to hit scum with his approach, because he explicitly asked if LockeZ was scum last night, and LockeZ flipped POSSESSED today. Normally I'd say that proves possession is a factional nightkill, but that would mean the scumfaction using the nightkill is just Shinan. No way town has a demonmasonry, a hunter, and a truthteller to hunt down just Shinan.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

No way odd isn't town. I'm hesitant to pick more scum at this point because a lot depends on exactly how odd flips (so we get to learn possession game vs permanent scumteam). I don't know how LockeZ is buying Gourd's claim though. Might start looking for claims from Pazuzu/Eye to verify cave or something if it's a permanent team. If they don't claim we can just work on the assumption that either they're scum or cave has been spinning bullshit about pazuzu this whole time.

It would be good to see what shinan actually thinks though and I believe he said he might be back for the end of the day. Not that odd shouldn't have hammered.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

I love that Odd's only post today is his opinion on eggs. Opinions on anything else, Odd? You're probably the most town-y.

Anyway, while it'd be super convenient to believe Gourd and that there's side-switching stuff going on, I can see zero town reason for him to claim as a cop with an evil read on me, then switch his claim to a truthteller.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Actually yeah @Cave do you think it's possible the Eye is scum? That's the only reason I can think of that they wouldn't claim.

Also, while gourd's ""seer"" stuff I guess doesn't 100% implicate him if he hasn't actually investigated me, I still think he's lying because he tried to bill it as being cop that investigated the (modconfirmed) odd.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Ebeth could've been killed because she was confirmed by Ozzy to not be the vessel. I don't understand why nightkills keep resulting in "POSSESSED" if this is a traditional nightkill -- I think it's a failed possession attempt. Whether that person was scum the day before or scum just failed to take over their body that night, dunno. It's starting to feel like it's a static scumteam.

@Gourd: I'd prefer to be playing a game with static sides, yeah, but I think it might make sense to have town with a zillion power roles if they don't know the rules and there's only one scum, trying to locate the other scum. Also in a static town setup, your results would basically indicate (to me anyway) that either you or shinan must be scum.

@LockeZ: I'd would be absolutely shocked if the vessel was town-aligned. Also, I hadn't considered a scenario where Dudesoft converted last night, which would be the only case where both Gourd and Pazuzu can be telling the truth.

@Dudesoft: If Gourd isn't actually seer, he's scum, that's all there is to it. Mafia that can't communicate is A Thing: I think it would make sense to have a static, scum vessel in the possession setup and no actual scumchat. Instead of scumchat maybe they yell things at cave.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

I don't know what you mean by "werewolf game" but yeah werewolf flavor isn't uncommon in Europe anyway so I assume that's what cap and shinan are talking about.

Re: math: if Gourd is the possessed vessel, and not originally scum, we'd only lose if there were 3 original scum because it'd be 3 v 3 tomorrow. I think it's more likely he's just scum. (If gourd is possessed, and there are 3 other scum out there, we've already lost -- that'd be 4 v 4 today)

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Yeah you investigated him, but no one was talking about him. You also investigated dudes and cap supposedly, but didn't name them. You just said you investigated one random guy, who also happened to be mod-confirmed town... ie, most useless possible result.

I don't know how the game is working. I think there are two basic setups, given Ozzy was telling the truth:

1. There's only one "scum," the destiny spirit. The current destiny spirit dies every night, and picks the next day's destiny spirit. All living and dead destiny spirits win if they manage to pick the vessel and survive. If the vessel ends up dead, then the game reverts to traditional mafia with 1 scum. It's possible that Gourd is telling the truth and Pazuzu is a liar.

2. It's a traditional 3 scum, 12 town setup or similar. When scum kills someone, they show up as POSSESSED instead of their actual role. If they happen to nightkill the vessel, the vessel instead becomes possessed and mafia instawins if the vessel isn't killed. In this scenario Gourd is a liar and Pazuzu is not.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Gourd, you've basically implied that I'm the /only/ member of scumteam, and the Pazuzu must be a liar because you and dudes would be the same alignment.

Plus this is in conflict with what you've got here: - that's a claim for a single investigation role. What you just posted doesn't resemble a cop at all, and I don't think it very likely that this game has some sort of truthteller role that wreaked havoc in the Structure game.

If that's really your role and really your results, you should know I'm still not scum in a single-scum possession scenario, where demon was scum on day 1, ebeth was scum on day 2, and now someone else is scum. In this case all you've done is verify that LockeZ is not scum, for now. But I still think you're lying because there's no way I would've said "I investigated Odd yesterday" if I was a truthteller.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

And yeah I assume /one/ of the win conditions is being met if Gourd's ballsy enough to try this. It seems more likely to be the traditional one considering how many players we started with. Until then I figured more than likely it was the possession-based setup with single scum. I guess it still could be.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Ozzy posted that the vessel really really wanted to be possessed, and that either he needed to destroy the vessel, or there was a one day grace period for them to be lynched. See here: