SaGa 4: Masters of the D...
A spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Legend gameboy RPGs



A Half-n-Half Affair Review

I stopped playing this immediately once the combat started but damn yeah that intro was something

Terra Nova: Eyes of the Machine Review

Ah, thanks for taking a look piano. I feel kind of bad about this game in that there are narrative parts of it I like, RM2K-tech parts I like, but the whole thing is a mess, even without time constraints. Like, only solution would be a complete remake. I have half of that remake sitting on my HD somewhere, but probably best to just file this one under juvenilia.

Fear and Hunger Review

Haha, I'm glad the intro was addressed. The girl I have no idea how I'd handle, though. I hear this game is a thesis of some sort? I'm interested how it's presented in an academic setting.

.defrag Review

Sounds neat, would be more than happy to hear what's up.

.defrag Review

Glad to hear there's more in the works. One point of clarification -- I don't feel like the second half is missing a climax so much as the world feels like a solved system at that point, where there's no need for a climax because there's no mystery. Once that question of "what is this place?" is gone the game feels pretty much over, even if there's still some action playing out.

Will definitely play when next version's up.

Project 4 Review

Good to know, I'll give OFF a look.

Re: sympathizing with the characters, it was maybe a good skip then -- it doesn't let up the entire game. Which was interesting for me, anyway, and also worth noting it was never the same gimmick twice.

The Swallow's Descent Review

Thanks for taking the time to review, this was a fun project. My only regret is not working in some sort of tracking to get stats on what everyone guessed in the end haha.

Guild Raider! Review

Definitely a bug then haha - there's not supposed to be a time limit at all. Thanks for the info

Guild Raider! Review

Thanks for taking the time with a review. I think this might finally motivate me to give this game the rework/polish it needs. bob_esc and I basically started this as "let's make a dungeon crawl where everyone has stupid names, and also, cats" and combat came as an afterthought. It sounds like what needs most significant attention is:
- Bugs, obviously
- Midgame money management (it sounds like STEAL is broken)
- Ability/skill overhaul and clarification

More than a few years after this project, the final fight and end cutscenes are my favorite things about this game so I'm glad you also found them entertaining. Although for the last boss fight, how did you get a gameover? Sounds like (yet another) bug.

Machine alternates between regular attacks and the magicannon. Machine-R restores HP and Machine-L recharges the cannon, so killing them is usually a good idea, but killing the main body of the machine should be enough to win the fight.

Unrelated: I also always laugh when people say the SFX are RTP because they're 100% rips from Final Fantasy Legend, Sonic CD, and Touhou for some reason. And we also knew no one would ever get the Gauntlet stuff so I'll finally post this

SaGa 4: Masters of the Demon World Review

Glad you enjoyed the game, thanks for taking the time to write a review.
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