Remnants Review

sooz basically hit the points I would've wanted to make about this game. I really, really liked, but I felt the framing device and examine text really took me out of the game. I did like the tension created by the story elements in the bottom couple floors -- I felt like there needed to either be some hard commitment to the narrative elements or striking them out altogether and making it much more vague. Also this is about the only game where I felt like the walking speed was too /fast/, it felt like a crime to move through those rooms so fast when they were all so detailed haha.

(but besides all that, this was a good experience, would not have taken the time to figure what was/wasn't working if I didn't enjoy it)

Fear and Hunger Review

Yeah sorry, I didn't mean to imply in general that "no romance == rape," I meant that in the context of a game overflowing with sex, after reading the description of the god of orgies and being asked to perform a rite in their name with a character of the opposite sex, it's not exactly a stretch to imagine that's what a rite titled "show love" would be. It's not confirmed obviously but I don't think I was in left field.

My reflex to take down the review was mostly because I don't agree with leftongue, and I don't want the review to be Google-able to people looking for ammo against the game when it's out of date, and I'm not looking to condemn it for being explicit. My issue was specifically about weird, arbitrary equivocation an example of which is this whole sex/murder/leave choice.

@kumada Yeah as I said I can only offer commentary on the build I played where the girl was the only recruitable member, and this choice was offered next to a "sacrifice" command - and she definitely does not consent to being killed in the name of gol'goroth, and it's perfectly possible to do /that/ to her. I also object to the idea that the protagonist is "better" than the dungeon, because they arrived at the dungeon voluntarily, and killing the girl is rewarded by the gameplay systems with a shiny OHKO skill.

I've already sort of failed at this but I'm not really equipped for talking about F&H again when I played the demo years ago, and I think my opinion would be colored already if I were to replay it. Weirdly enough most of my frustration was around the gameplay at the time, but what's stuck with me is mostly how the content matter was deployed and to what effect.

Fear and Hunger Review

In my mind the implication was never in doubt. It's the god of orgies and there's zero romance in this game but plenty of explicit sex, and the character in question is very clearly a child. Plus I don't think the game dishes out a "No" and gameover for chastely kissing her on the forehead or something when the rest of the time it's 100% okay with showing her beheaded/maimed/killed.

I can't speak to any of leftongue's comments. I suspect this review is massively out of date and I'm not at all tempted to redownload the game and see what's changed, to the point where I've considered just taking this review down.

A Half-n-Half Affair Review

I stopped playing this immediately once the combat started but damn yeah that intro was something

Terra Nova: Eyes of the Machine Review

Ah, thanks for taking a look piano. I feel kind of bad about this game in that there are narrative parts of it I like, RM2K-tech parts I like, but the whole thing is a mess, even without time constraints. Like, only solution would be a complete remake. I have half of that remake sitting on my HD somewhere, but probably best to just file this one under juvenilia.

Fear and Hunger Review

Haha, I'm glad the intro was addressed. The girl I have no idea how I'd handle, though. I hear this game is a thesis of some sort? I'm interested how it's presented in an academic setting.

.defrag Review

Sounds neat, would be more than happy to hear what's up.

.defrag Review

Glad to hear there's more in the works. One point of clarification -- I don't feel like the second half is missing a climax so much as the world feels like a solved system at that point, where there's no need for a climax because there's no mystery. Once that question of "what is this place?" is gone the game feels pretty much over, even if there's still some action playing out.

Will definitely play when next version's up.

Project 4 Review

Good to know, I'll give OFF a look.

Re: sympathizing with the characters, it was maybe a good skip then -- it doesn't let up the entire game. Which was interesting for me, anyway, and also worth noting it was never the same gimmick twice.

The Swallow's Descent Review

Thanks for taking the time to review, this was a fun project. My only regret is not working in some sort of tracking to get stats on what everyone guessed in the end haha.
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