SaGa 4: Masters of the D...
A spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Legend gameboy RPGs




Ah, I should explain what I mean by luck... At first, I didn't have a good grasp on how the dancers behaved, so I gave them a few random moves and the one move that they needed. Then I'd wait and see if their moves eventually lined up. If they didn't, I'd try again.

Eventually I found one that worked right away:
Left dancer: x x MOVE
Middle dancer: x x MOVE x
Right dancer: MOVE x

The time taken to input their moves allows the left/middle dancers to progress to MOVE, so when the rightmost dancer is done, they all line up and the song is won. It works for all the songs in well under the time limit. If I wasn't using that strategy, I only ended up scoring by chance.

I did get some intuition for how the dancers worked, but because when a dancer was off their MOVE, I couldn't tell how long they had before they were performing the MOVE, I was blind trying to line up the other dancers. If there was some mechanic where each dancer had all of their moves visible, (not just the one currently performed,) then I think there might be a few more intermediate levels between luck-only and 100%.

Wither Review

(man now i know i have to get out my review asap, i wrote something more comprehensible there and have a lot of theories that i would like to run by the developer...)

Do it. mellytan reviews are the best.

Asylum of pleasure & pain Review

I took the part of "The work of a schizophrenic"
as a compliment,except for it was kinda harsh cuz it reminds me of my Schizophrenic mom who ran away and most probably died.

I'm sorry to hear it. I hope that wasn't offensive as I did enjoy the game.
Will you please review the Prequel?

Does it have a gamepage?
I'm really surprised by how you never managed beyond James's part of the story.

I didn't in the LT. Last week I tried again and made better use of Clarise's abilities.

Asylum of pleasure & pain Review


edit : thinking abouit it, aren't you the author of "Escape dungeonneer" (?)( the only rpg I could not play), how's that one for weird ?!

They're "weird" in completely different ways. Dungeoneer's subject matter is something unusual but its presentation mechanism is straightforward. The creator of this game tried to present typical horror game subject matter but somehow managed to do all sorts of stuff to the presentation.

AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4 Review

You can review this comment before you're taken from your home by the Martial Law.

*oh snap*

If you were bored because aftermath doesn't hold you by the hand and leads you on your yellow brick path than play something else.

This is pretty much it. You can't blame someone if they stop playing your game. It looks like you can accept that you can please everyone, but make that tradeoff a conscious decision. Know your audience.

AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4 Review

Haha, review backlash, really...?

You thought the N.W.O. and Illuminati story was a joke? Cool. That's your opinion but if you were the elite and had a plan to rule the world and got ambushed by a massive revolution you would of pulled the plug too.

Anyone who doesn't laugh when someone says NWO needs to step back a moment.

Fuck bro, I'm using earth and storm AND light and dark ffs. I don't even have the extra attributes from Superhuman. This fight should of been a fucking cake walk for your group.

You've been grinding 60% more than him. And he even fought the majority of the battles. If someone like me were to give this a serious playthrough, my general random encounter strategy is fight the first two in an area and flee the rest if they're boring. If someone's fighting >90% of your random encounters, you're expecting waaaay too much time commitment into an RPGmaker game. Who has time to grind on these things? (well, apart from the creator obviously)

especially since you didn't even get to see the bad guy you mentioned which is actually in the game at the end of the demo.

Uh, this is kind of your fault for putting the motivation to play a whole 90 minutes into the demo... which is probably four times as long as the average person will play this game.

Valkyrie Stories - Escallion Rising Review

Very true PentagonBuddy!
It's really hard sometimes for people to decipher what is "5 star material" and this only being a demo that's a pretty big leap all things considered.
I totally agree that a game shouldn't be judged solely on graphics, and maybe a game such as this shouldn't be given a star rating in such early stages, especially if its only redeeming quality is its graphics.

^ This is very VERY true. A game can't be rated on its first ten minutes, no matter how good they look. I still don't know why RMN allows rated reviews for incomplete games.

So to Adon: I guess I'd have no problem with this review if its rating were removed.

Borefest 2: The Boringest Review

Joking aside, this is the most surreal review I ever did see.

This is the most surreal game I ever did play.

I think I deserved the whole one.

Not really, but you would've gotten .5 if the maps was like 2000*2000.

Guild Raider! Review

Ha, Max's long-awaited review. First of all, thanks for your patience during the versioning process!

I'll accept the blame for the healing issues... At the last minute I changed mind effect % to 100 instead of 50, but apparently in RM2K that just means that the target character's mind power is subtracted from the amount to heal. Whoops. I've changed this and made a number of small fixes (really minor) for the newer version. If I find the time I'll probably make the explanation screen as suggested.

There are no multiple endings, Aven and Abel are just underdeveloped. Though I'm not sure if you grabbed 1.3*, where the ending covers the character's story after they leave the dungeon. I'm glad the overall game was enjoyable though.

doomed2die: Though low-level abilities may be common across certain classes, each class has a unique highest-level ability and their later abilities tend to be very different.

Hero's Sword Review

I don't recall flipping out on people...though many people have flipped out at me. I have taken the criticism quite well and I have already released an easier version of Hero's Sword that is currently my main download (why does everyone fail to realize that i do take criticism very well and that ive already fixed the damn game and made it playable!? the new patch already has plenty of downloads for god's sake!)

I'd agree with this. There were problems, you took it coolly, you fixed them. More new people like you can never be a bad thing. It's mainly things like this that are troublesome:
go out and get sum sun if yer gonna let this game get you so damn frustrated; and if not, go play some of the classics. Maybe then, you may be able to appreciate this....?

Tell your friend to calm down a bit. You've demonstrated you're perfectly capable of handling critique and don't need this kind of vitriol to defend yourself.