I'm new to this game development thing because all my life I was focus on writting stories, and other ideas.
I really love horror because you know what they say " nothing is better than a good scare!" I also love role playing games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts.



Scorpion Squad

Your mapping skills are great!! Well done!!

Age of Fantasy

im in love with games like this im actually gunna play the full game on my youtube channel :) nicely done
Thanks.... ^_^

Age of Fantasy

If the game does not start try changing its compatibility because i made the game in xp
The same happened to me, but I'm playing on XP...
try running compatibility again

Wandering Light

Looks very nice. I'm looking forward to playing it soon

Age of Fantasy

If the game does not start try changing its compatibility because i made the game in xp

Age of Fantasy

Ive d/l the game but when I click to start playing it doesnt take me to the game. No error messages...just nothing.
It's incompatible with your computer. I made this in xp so you should change its compatibility to you system it happen to me once

Age of Fantasy

Plese tell me what you think about my first RPG game. I know its not perfect but a comment wont hurt to improve my future projects

The Mansion

Hey guys, I just downloaded the game and it doesn't work. When I click at the icon there is a small black window of a game and this turn off itself. Can you help me?
I think this is the first time that this happened why dont you try deleting it and download it again

One Night 4

A Non combat game this is gonna be great!! I just hope some of your talent rubs on mine. ^_^

One Night 4

It looks great but I hope you did'nt use that battle system from One night 2 no offense but i really hated that battle system you used continue what you did with One night 1.
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