You Are Not The Hero!
Legendary hero off to save the world? BOOORING. Feel what it's like to play as an NPC behind the scenes!



You Are Not The Hero!

thanks so much for the input guys I really appreciate it. Glad everyone is pretty much on the same page!


Haha thanks. Yeah, I don't have a problem with using Japanese in the title. It's part of the parody, and hey if I can speak it, might as well use it.


I agree, beautiful tree! It throws me off though when I compare it to the other trees, all a different type of tree compared to the giant one in the center.

Choices choices

Thank you for your inputs guys, really appreciate the feedback. I know where I'll be taking the game, in fact little has changed from the direction it's been going up to this point. I can safely say that whatever comes in the coming chapters will be how I planned it from the beginning, luckily it seems you all feel the same way.


Thanks! I absolutely loved the FF6 train scene, so this part of the game is a big homage to that.

You Are Not The Hero!

Haha it's definitely too early to talk about sequels, then again I guess it isn't. If anything, I think I would work on a spinoff before a direct sequel, something with 'possibly' the actual heroes, or a side character.

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Completely down for this.

You Are Not The Hero!

Thanks for trying out the game so far guys, really glad you liked it!
I'm not sure if it's in the current release, but as it stands, Petula's hitbox is slightly smaller than her body. Hopefully this will help a bit with the difficulty of the dodging obstacles.

I can't help you 'too' much. I have to agree that the jumping was hard. Before I tweaked it, it was required to be a pixel perfect jump if you wanted to get over the pitfalls. Any more tweaking and the jumping will be too irregular. What I can promise is, I'll try to keep the double-spaced jumps to a minimum. Just try to sprint before you jump.
I suppose the best thing would be to get a new computer! There may be a minimum requirement once the game is completed. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the rest!

You Are Not The Hero!

Hi guys, still hard at work on the CH2 finale! I've been fairly busy with my class schedule and moving to a new apartment, but it will be done hopefully by June, if not earlier. Hope you have a good time with it Jaguer!

You Are Not The Hero! Review

Lovely review, I was hoping someone would review the demo and I'm pleasantly surprised! Really hope more pop up!

Would you say that exploring more of the worlds storyline would be a welcome addition to future chapters?

As for the health and mana, I literally beat myself up about whether to implement it or not for weeks. On one hand, it would detract from the fact that the player isn't actually a player. On the other, it would leave out a whole system that really defines the RPG Genre. I knew that it would take away a little bit from the game, but adding that extra depth will give me much more wiggle room with implementing other mechanics to the game that would otherwise feel shallow. I thought about leaving mana out, but I have some ideas that will implement it fairly well.