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I lurv that logo son.

Where did RPing go, and Why?

I always personally see the Role Play element in games such as off the top of my head Icewind Dale or Dragon Age where I personally make this character and I take the role of him or her and effect my judgment on the people I meet and the things that I do.

This is a very different role playing experience in my eyes than any JRPGs. Call it being naive in aspects of old RPGs but since games especially western RPGs I've gone off many aspects in JRPGs because I don't feel that 'Role Playing' experience that gets to me in many western RPGs.


I like the look of this project. Consider me subscribed.



Very nice I really like the lighting effects and how it actually contrast some of the shadows like the top left corner or 1F.

Good work.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Replaying Dragon Age Ultimate Edition before I dig into Dragon Age II.


New resources from Enterbrain!

I'm pitching 'Tales of a Drunken Samurai'.

New resources from Enterbrain!

Thanks watermark I get a free boat.

Site Announcement

Well ain't that a bitch.

Super RMN Bros. 2

So is ShortStar's version the final version of Super RMN Bros. 2. If so is there going to be a game page?