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Steam games on sale - Last day today, Nov 29th!

I got the Indie Story pack and King's Bounty pack yesterday. I cannot tell you how much I luuuuuuuuurrrrvvve Steam Sales.

And thus, redevelopment begins!

Nice Screenshots, tacky Menu.

PLAYTESTERS-good or bad?

Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode I Tides of Fate

Is this a lesson in self promotion or what.


Nice hud. Are you going for a sort of blocky 8-bit effect or more of a Diablo Gothic effect on the interface.

Scientific journal to publish article on theoretical precognitive abilities in humans.

You can't explain that crap like when you think of someone and they phone or when your dream ends around your alarm clock going off. - Japanese text problem?

Firefox and Chrome can Google translate it to make navigation a little easier.

Project Update

Someday you should just sellotape games like X and Edifice together.

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 2

Doooh I'll send it to Nines again.

An Open Letter to Any Gaming Journalist

Erm... Wow.