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This was featured on for some reason.

Hero-Man: Valiant Xylophone Ace

Piano-Man was the greatest thing. He was. The greatest thing. Greatest.

Bin Laden Defeated

He should have been smart enough not to list his real address on his PSN ID


I lurv that typeface. If I recall that what I used for the Grimms logo.

What makes you laugh?

She so can dance.

[EVENT] Community project: Super RMN RPG VX

Would work if the premise was a bit more interesting than just make an RPG. I always thought it would be a fun community project for and RPG which is written out like a poorly translated pirate copy from Singapore.

I can still dream.

Ignorant Hilarity from this morning

Sounds like one of those movie scene moments.

Project Questing

I played a bit of the demo and the music was delightful.

[EVENT] Community project: Super RMN RPG VX

How much of the game has actually been sent in?

[EVENT] Community project: Super RMN RPG VX

I'd love to contribute to this but the inpending deadline you have is not helping. I'd suggest scrapping or extending this deadline as I already have some ideas for this.