Ubiktune's Soundshock 3: FM Funk Nirvana

fm synth orgy hype y'all


This was released yesterday, so I thought I'd share it with whatever lovers of twang and fart-bass we might have here.

Game Maker Humble Bundle: Professional + Export Modules


Even though this is an RPG Maker forum, I thought I should let you all know anyways that, for the next 13 days, you can get GameMaker Professional for whatever you want, and the HTML5, Android, iOS, and Windows UWP export modules for a minumum of $15!

For perspective, Professional is usually $150, and the export modules are all either $200 or $300 each. So yeah, this an absurd deal.

You can also get some GM games + their source code in this bundle.

SmileBASIC for 3DS


I saw someone post this on another forum and thought some people here might have an interest. I personally don't own a 3DS, but from what I've gathered from the webpage:

- Uses BASIC (or some variant) for programming, using the touchscreen for a keypad.
- Supports the 3DS' touchscreen and 3D capabilities.
- Comes with a good deal of sample graphics and music
- Includes a pixel art editor and music composer (using Music Macro Language)
- Cloud saving for programs
- but sharing seems to be exclusively through posting unique keycodes somewhere on the internet.

For $10 it seems a pretty good deal! Makes me wish I had a 3DS :(
Though, there is a Wii U version in development, which will be cross-compatible with programs from the 3DS version and support USB keyboards.

They are also holding a contest until January 3rd. Seems like there's three categories to enter:
- Ninja
- "Useful Gadgets", or, regular applications like a calculator or something.
- "Open". Literally anything.

e: sorry, this isn't out in Europe yet! (and seems like it won't be for a while...)

Oops [please delete]

Sorry, the topic I just tried to make was actually way too vague/broad/poorly worded for discussion purposes.
I need to stop trying to post late at night.

Composers of RPG Maker XP RTP

(I have no idea what forum this goes in...)

The sample music for RPG Maker XP is really damn good. Its extremely unlikely, but I was just wondering if anyone here happened to know who the composer was?

Hitching projects with talent

So, we've been getting quite a few artists and musicians lately (or, at least it feels like a lot more than when I first signed up here), and I think a writer or two as well. I think its about time we either made a dedicated subforum for these folks, or maybe some kind of system where people can search/filter games based on what kind of positions they're in need of (not just artist/musician, but also programmers and mappers etc).

Yeah, we've got the Help and Requests forum, but that subforum mostly does what's in the title -- tech help and requests. Anyone offering services gets pushed off pretty quickly. Also, while game projects can put up requests or announcements, these aren't used very consistently for looking for help (usually they're looking for beta testers). I guess being able to tag the Request blogs with what you're looking for might be the easiest solution.

Also, the rule about posting examples in your introductory post (for offering a service, not necessarily the Introductions forum), and the existence of the SoundCloud tag might need to be made a little more visible, since I think Liberty has had to remind, like, 75% of the newcomers about it.

E3 2014

Its not quite over yet, but perhaps it would be a good idea to make a topic for it rather than have a bunch of stray statuses.

So... what're you feeling hype for? I haven't actually watched the conferences and stuff - I just googled/YouTube'd whatever trailers I could find. I'm looking forward to Zelda games (both of them), StarFox (finally!), Guilty Gear Xrd (not actually news, but whatevs), and Pac-Man for Smash Bros (love the Galaga/Xevious/etc references). Captain Toad might be fun, too -- definitely will need to work a WiiU into the budget soon!

CupHead also kinda took me by surprise. It doesn't look like it'll actually be a good game, but hey, at least somebody is doing some real, traditional animation.

If there was any non-Nintendo stuff that got my attention, I've forgotten it for right now.

Dynamic Difficulty in RPGs

Somewhat related to the "Penalties for leveling up" thread, I was wondering if there were any RPGs that modify the difficulty of the game based on things other than your level. If it modifies something other than difficulty, go ahead and mention that, too. I'd look it up myself, but I figured it'd be better to hear from people who've actually played the games.
For comparison, I'm mostly thinking about the Rank in many STGs/shmups, where the difficulty (mostly enemy & bullet count/speed) is modified by a number of variables/actions, such as time spent not dying, number of shots fired, deaths and life stocks, collecting and using certain power-ups etc.

[Music] Composer looking for experience!

I've always wanted the experience of scoring a game's soundtrack. I thought I'd get that out of my own projects, but I've since cancelled all my old ones, and the newer ones won't be complete enough to need music for a long time.

So, if anyone around here wants some music for their game, go ahead and hit me up. However, since I've never collaborated with anyone before, I can't really give any estimates on how long something would take.

You can check my locker for examples. I made them for those old projects I cancelled.

Hola, como estan?

Hello, all. With the economy being what it is, the whole "work job by day, mak vidjyagaemz by night" thing hasn't worked out as I'd hoped, and as such, I have way more free time than any healthy human being can withstand. So, I've decided to go ahead and interact with the internet for the first time in, like... ten years...

My history with RPGMaker is mostly with XP back in high school, though I remember hearing a few years earlier about the "magical program that automatically puts weapons in your fighter's hands" or however they advertised that, and also X-Play's review of the PS2 version (they may have made a fart joke or three). I've since stopped using it in favor of Gamemaker for the flexibility.

I'm interested in doing a soundtrack for somebody, or at least a few random songs. I've never done something like that for anyone other than myself, and would like the experience. I've put some stuff in my locker as a sort of portfolio. Its all stuff I did for those high school projects... I think. Its been a long time.

Anyways, you can use that stuff if you want to. Anything with PD on the front is okay for any use, while NC is strictly non-commercial, more so for your sake than mine: All those "free soundfonts" I downloaded back in the day are kinda sketchy on their sources, and I was also a dummy and lost all the readme's, so I can't guarantee that all the samples used are legal for commercial use.

Also, if I make any generic sprites, like a toilet or whatever, while working on my own projects, I'll probably put those up, too.

I guess that's all for now, so, good day to everyone!
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