Her Nightmare: Gem RPG

Yeah, it has a slight Puyo Puyo smell here. Will be there any versus mode, Puyo Puyo series' lifeline? Puzzle versus games are rather rare these days; the last one I know was Puyopuyo Tetris. This game has the potential to destroy friendships.

Eremidia: An Empty Tome

Ah, Cruna Magicka is pretty tricky to implement to E:D!'s rules... The original game, Cruna Aktrid, has a rule where when the MP, let's just say that to generalize, has depleted enough, it'll decrease the fighter's defenses. It's a common rule applied to both players and enemies, but not in E:D!. Cruna Magicka exists to simulate Cruna Aktrid's rule, but reversed. Mana left will increase Armor.

So it should say it's based on mana.

Tristian: Lady of the Lion

... What? Now the game resumed!?

Everyone, yuna's resuming! Hope came back!!!


It looks like this game wants to be far darker than Dark Souls series...!

I'm not a fan of super bleak games, but I think it'll be interesting to watch this game go on. Subbed. I'm more to lightheared games afterall. But a break from those isn't bad.

Also, dat big big, detaild battle sprites. And if I may ask, why GP? Feels too alien for me as a term for HP. Life is far less alien.

Cruna Aktrid

Literal double posting... correct? Or are there any other specifications of double posting...? I won't do it again, sorry! :(

Toby's Island

Hahaha, reading their comments in siliconera was pretty amusing! :D
I don't hate any idea of the game's mechanics here, but yep, I'm not the fan of the art style. It feels generic since it's reminiscent to most smartphone games out there, and I don't really like the color palletes; too solid. It's my opinion afterall, I'm used to anime-style with paler and softer palletes.

Toby's Island

Just posting here to bring something:


Seems siliconera took an interest in your game ;)

Cruna Aktrid

It's about 2 hours, as far as I checked my own playtime.