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Card Based Battle System

You failed to mention what "engine" you are using. I actually thought of a card based battle system. I was able to successfully implement it in VX Ace.

However, being that the cards are items, making it so each person in your party has a different deck, as far as I can tell, is impossible. Or st least I have no knowledge of a script that allows it, and I can't script so I can't invent it myself. As a result a card battle system must either a) be limited to one party member, or b) everyone in the party shares the same deck.

Your ideas seem much more elaborate than mine. I'd say they are too specific. To simulate a deck I simply borrowed someone else's random item script. Instead of drawing one card out of a let's say 30 card deck I just give an item that randomly becomes one of 30 items. (It can be any number, using 30 as an example) When you factor in the fact you can make multiple such items (even chaining them into each other- yes, it works) and use battle events and global switches to control them, there's a lot that becomes possible.

What games would be on SNES Mini?

An SNES Mini should *DEFINTELY* have Tetris Attack. Other games that I feel are worthy are Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move) and HyperZone. Anything that provides multiplayer goodness is a plus, such as Turtles in Time and Mario Kart. I'm not a fan of NBA Jam but people seem to really dig this one so I don't see why not. I just wouldn't waste slots on any fighting games, or anything with random battles, or Mario Paint since it requires a mouse. Doom is definitely a no go since the SNES version is terribad.

Tutorial: Planning and Building Levels in RPG Maker[RMVX ACE]

The map editor vx ace just seems so bad. I wish there was a grid paper feature built in, where you can draw in black and white and add graphics later on. With the ability to click/drag to make squares and lines and such like MS paint. I tried using actual grid paper and it was pretty helpful but it's still kind of a hassle having to bring it with you and having to manually enter it. Not to mention you can't make large maps this way without running out of room on the paper, and when you go to enter the map in the game you have to count all the tiles and even then you might find that you miscounted or something or find you have the edges of the map not be symmetrical.

One thing I don't get is how big to make the map. Lets say if you just need 30x30 do you make the map exactly 30x30 or do you make it bigger and put like trees or water or something around the edge? Do you want the screen to feel boxed in or is this actually desirable some of the time? You'd think RPG maker would have like a feature where you can click and drag the edges to increase the map size in that direction.

Anyway this was probably unhelpful. Sorry for whining. I think I'd probably make my maps really simple starting out and not use grid paper unless it's really needed. Oh and I threw out the rest of my grid paper. I'm tired of keeping stuff just so maybe I'd use it down the line. It might actually be better to just keep rebuilding the map in RPG maker until you get it right, as this trains you to be more flexible.

How many potions do you really need?

What about chests that give a variable amount of potions.

If I have more than 10 potions, chest = 1 potion
If I have less than 10 potions, chest = 2 potions
If I have 3 or less potions, chest = 3 potions

That's a simple example. 3 doesn't have to be the max amount received, but if the player receives too much then it's basically hand holding.

But even this method is kind of flawed since the player can still just hoard all his potions without ever using them. One solution is to use events that fix the potion count to exactly 10 at the start of each dungeon and back to 0 when the dungeon is complete. Combine that with the above method and voila.

Random battles: Can they be good?

So how do you change up the random battle system in your game to make it more exciting? Make it stand out more?

I'd like to know how to do it without the use of plugins and maybe a little bit of script writing. I'm not much of a programmer yet, but I'll learn if I have to. What are some ways that you make a simple battle system more interesting?

And what's is a good way to move from random encounters from being "annoying" to exciting? Got any good ideas?

Any feedback is appreciated.

Random encounters shouldn't exist period, so IMO any method employed to "fix" random encounters or make them more exciting would serve only to reinforce the false notion that random encounters are somehow not a game breaking flaw.

2. Establish a sense of rhythm. Players should be able to roughly gauge how often they'll be in combat. For example, having encounters stick to a rule of about 30-40 steps, or "about (X) number of times on a map of (Y) size", rather than at complete mercy of the RNG (hello, Mother 1)

See that's funny because, on other sites, I am repeatedly told that random encounters are good because they simulate the element of surprise, and also that, supposedly, random encounters are the ONLY way to achieve this. (even though, y'know, survival horror and stealth games use scripted encounters) So the idea of scheduling random encounters so stringently should be counter intuitive. If the player can get a sense of how often encounters occur, then it's no longer realistic. (of course, not that this argument made sense to begin with, because there's nothing surprising about random encounters after the second or third time. For this argument to work, encounters would have to occur VERY rarely, to a point where the player might think an area is encounter free, even if it isn't.

You don't have to have random battles, just leave the Encounter table blank for every map. Then make events that wander around (or not) and start a battle when they touch the player (Event Touch trigger).

Yeah, to say VX Ace has random encounters "built in" is really just to say that it includes the option to have them without requiring a script. Touch encounters and scripted encounters are much simpler since they're just handled like any event, and a game is forced to have them anyway. (for bosses)

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

VX Ace works fine on Windows 10 right? I'm considering getting a laptop solely so I can work on my game, so I just wanna make sure. I'd rather have Windows 7 but beggars can't be choosers.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Is it possible to have it so certain characters do not have MP bars? They'd just have HP. I'm considering having at least one character like this but also possibly the entire party. (meaning they'd just have hp and all spells are free) It would be kind of dumb to have mp bars for characters that have no abilities that utilize it, and thus far I was planning on shoehorning spells in the game simply so the MP bars don't go to waste. (which honestly isn't a bad idea, but just thought I'd check here to see what my options are)

RPG Maker VX Ace, by the way.

What videogames are on your TO PLAY list?

edit: Nevermind!

To Move or not to Move? THAT is the question...

remember what happened to Duke Nukem Forever

also, read this

[Poll] Character Progression Mechanics

Or you could do away with levels as a concept entirely.

Not if levels are permanently displayed. Because it means the characters would be Level 1 through the whole game. It would be redundant to display the number if it never changes and therefore the game must have leveling unless there is a script or something out there that lets me remove it.