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Can RPG Maker games false flag virus scanners?

Guys and gals, I have a question. If hypothetically the game produces a false positive, wouldn't that prove there is no Trojan? For there to be a Trojan there would have to be not one but two (or more) files named game.exe in the download. Am I right? Or it possible for the trojan to be contained in the game?

EDIT: They said they detected the "trojan" by manually scanning the folder with Clam AntiVirus.

So I downloaded ClamWin Free Antivirus and downloaded my game and scanned it, and it came up safe.
However I am unable to update the antivirus for some reason. It keeps timing out, pretty weird. Each time I have no choice but to click stop.

Damn, I was so close to beating this... stupid updater. I guess in the meantime I'll proceed with making my game as though this never happened.

Wait, I know, I can push the burden of proof on the person. Rather than me proving there is no trojan, they should provide a screenshot of the false positive.

Can RPG Maker games false flag virus scanners?

If it's the regular installer that comes with RPG Maker, you shouldn't really be distributing that anyway.

I shouldn't? Why? :<
(What the heck kind of antivirus looks for any file named game.exe anyway???)

Well the Trojan in question uses that filename.

Can RPG Maker games false flag virus scanners?

Yesterday, someone claimed to get a virus from downloading my game: "My virus scanner found this ...\Aladdin\Game.exe: Win.Trojan.Agent-5759995-0 FOUND"

Apparently there is a Trojan with the name game.exe, if that's the case it wouldn't be surprising for RPG Maker games to pick up on virus scanners.

Just thought I'd post this as a heads up. The Trojan seems to be pretty recent, I think.

EDIT: He/she tells me they found the false positive by manually running a virus scan. So it's not something that happened on its own.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I figure it should be ok to ask this here... beats making a new thread for it anyway. Anyone know what these letters mean?

[RM2K3] How to make an intentionally terrible game?

An idea to spoof Crisis Core by making enemies not attack 10-20 turns in a row while you continually pick attack.

Set a common event that every turn has a 1 in 20 or so chance to trigger a slot wheel animation resulting in massive HP bonuses and the like.

Would love to fit a sequence like this in a game somewhere. :p
(Maybe it could be a side character you take control of temporarily)

Making game overs engaging

Level up upon death is an idea I was going to use in my game. I did not know that it was already done before. One idea I had is that how much you level up depends on how badly you lost. :p (Although the real point of this is so the game knows if you gave up prematurely or lost on purpose)

In theory it makes balancing a game a lot easier, which is one of the biggest draws for having it.

Content: Remake Versus Re-Imagining

Updating, changing, retconning everything is ok 100% of the time when it's not a crossover. It's what sequels are supposed to do. That's not to say it's suddenly not ok just because it's a crossover but it does require more thought as to what's being changed because it's too late to drop certain things on the audience. (And it sort of defeats the point of having a crossover. A crossover is saying X is fine the way it is, Y is fine the way it is, so now let's have X and Y meet. It's too late to say "and by the way, everyone in X is actually a robot")

Again I must emphasize I'm not saying you shouldn't, just that it depends on what's being updated. (And even then it might be ok) Cosmetic updates to locations are probably always fine. Anyway, just my two cents, and maybe something to think about.

Nintendo dropped on us an updated Pit in Super Smash Bros Brawl, even before Kid Icarus Uprising came out. So there's that, but it was kind of not what they do with Smash Bros, as normally they try to be faithful to the original games. But on the other hand every now and then I might wish some of the other characters/locations were more updated. (Note: I don't actually play Smash Bros games, just bringing it up because it's a crossover)

[RM2K3] How to make an intentionally terrible game?

Someone shoot me, I seriously had an idea for an RPG that begins with an unlosable abilitease intro battle followed by a very long opening crawl, then the actual game begins, and all of this happens before a single save point and before the save point there would be an enemy that can't be avoided and kills you unless you perform a very specific series of moves.

[RMVX ACE] Common events attached to skills.

My skills either work 0% of the time or 100% of the time, I think. There *were* times where it missed due to standard evasion systems but changing those things in class and enemies fixed that.

The idea that it could still randomly fail is terrifying. I hope that's not true. When I first had a skill with multiple common events fail I almost thought I had to scrap my game. But I was able to notice that the common event always triggered exactly once no matter how many copies I put in. So now I just put everything into one common event instead of stacking it. If it fits, it ships!

EDIT: So I was wondering how is it I got a common event skill to work at least once before. Here's the trick: Add another effect before the common event: HP Recover 0. This magically causes the entire skill to work, common event and all. Note that MP Recover 0 won't work, it has to be HP Recover apparently. It really is that weird.

p.s. THANK YOU for mentioning that idea to force action in common event. It gave me a great idea for what the fourth character's finishing move should be. I just tested it and it works. So cool!

[RMVX ACE] Common events attached to skills.

This happened several times now: I create a skill, and when I test it, the skill seems to miss 100% of the time. The skill doesn't seem to work until I change random things about it and even now I'm not fully sure what finally caused it to work. I assume the gist of it is that the skill deals no HP or MP nor does it recover any, therefore the game treats that as a missed attack, and therefore any additional effects the attack was meant to have are ignored. It is frustrating. I find myself having to sidestep this by adding HP or MP damage/recover effects to spells that don't need them. Thus far I've gotten by but I thought I should ask about it now before it becomes a major problem.

Aside from that, I've also noticed something that struck me as rather odd. If you attach common events to skills, they don't occur right away, but until after everyone else finished their action that turn. (EDIT: I stand corrected, the common event happens right away but MP/HP changes incurred by the common event don't happen until the end of the turn. Which is even more strange.) Another odd thing I noticed is that only one common event can be attached to a skill. (When I attach more, only one will work)

I wonder if either of those last two things would be solved by changing the trigger type from 'none' (the default) to one of the other two choices: 'parallel process' and 'autorun'. I should try it out, at least.