Defeat the vermin of the underworld with the help of a fire djinn.



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[RMMV] My game is too hard, what do?

Make a battle right at the begining where the enemy deals a 9999 hp attack that KO's in one hit and can't be avoided and the only way to survive is to guard. If the player dies, repeat the battle instead of returning to the title screen.

Another idea is to strip away all other commands except guard, and not the introduce the other commands until later, and one at a time. (Make the battle end on its own after a few turns)

You could also maybe attach a common event to guard that changes a variable, essentially keeping count of the number of times the player used guard, and having areas locked until a certain number has been reached. (The player should be told of this however, e.g. a sensei character who is in your way or has an item you need)

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Anyone use blood animations? (such as blood splatter) This is the only one I could really find: http://thekingofsprites.blogspot.com/2012/09/blood-sprites-pictures-images-and-photos.html

Seems like a hassle to implement, so I keep putting it off.

[RM2K3] How to make an intentionally terrible game?

"it honestly tries to be a decent game, but fails miserably in some key point, resulting in some very flawed game. ... while acting like it is legitimately trying for greatness."

That so perfectly describes many professionally released games. =_=

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

The Mario and Zelda cartoons are separate canons from the games. Also Sonic doesn't take place on Mobius, at least not in the games. I'm not an expert on KH story but I assume that it's a separate canon from the Final Fantasy games, because of things like Cloud being a demon or whatever, Zack existing in Hercules universe rather than FF7, etc.

*hides behind flame shield*

EDIT: The trailer for the new Sonic Time Twisted fangame says Mobius, things like that ruffles my feathers. Do people just not get it or they don't want to? It's cool that they gave Knuckles the hat from the old Sonic OVA, but even in that the planet was called "Planet Freedom". So they're not even being consistent!

[RM2K3] How to make an intentionally terrible game?

Trying to make a terrible game is like trying to make terrible food. It's the easiest thing in the world. Many games are bad enough without even trying. Some of the ideas here are funny I'll admit, but will make the game annoying. Maybe the mission statement should be rephrased to make the best game possible while satirizing bad games/tropes or while donning the aesthetic of being a bad game. Sort of like a videogame equivalent of Girlchan in Paradise.

Also the irony here is that making a purposefully bad game presumes yourself to know what makes a GOOD game, and sadly most people just don't know. Making games that contribute toward this discussion is more valuable imo. Not to sound dismissive or anything. This is an interesting thread to be honest.

Edit: almost forgot. What's wrong with using the default window skin? Should I look into using a different one for my game in VX Ace?

Edit: I had a game idea set in the future that would have an unnecessarily super long opening crawl/intro. Basically just text over landscapes of barren cities/wastelands and outer space explaining the backstory, while music is playing. The idea was that it would go on seemingly forever, for comedic effect. It's not just something I randomly thought of in passing, it's one of the games I was serious about making someday. Not sure where I'd get the artwork though. Backgrounds are much harder to draw than characters, and I can't do painterly styles. Anyway, for the record, the game isn't meant to be intentionally bad, aside from maybe the intro. I just hope most people find the intro to be as funny as I imagine it in my head. Part of the humor would stem from the fact that just when you think it's about to end it goes on even further, or it starts elaborating on minor details in obvious fashion.

[RMVX ACE] Pressure switches activated by pushable object.

It works. Thank you!

[RMVX ACE] Pressure switches activated by pushable object.

I had this idea for a puzzle: You push an event (such as a rock) and it keeps moving indefinitely in the direction you pushed it until it hits a wall or object. At that point you can push it again in a different direction. Repeat until you push the object into the "goal", which unlocks a door or something so the player can proceed to the next area.

I figured out the movable object part easily enough but I haven't figured out how to implement a win state for the puzzle. I assume a conditional branch is necessary but I don't know how to input an event's position into a condition. There's also "get location info" but I'm completely confused as to how to use it or what it's even for.

jRPG Essentials

To create a game is to create an end user experience. Meaning that to better understand this you have to subject yourself to the same. This means no reading, no LPs, but to just play it. IMO you learn more that way. Also, guides and LPs are cheating. The funny thing about this is that by creating a game you can't help but cheat in it. (you have the full walkthrough memorized before it's even written). But you can't help that. But what you can do is realize that the user won't have that. Using LPs as reference completely skews that. By doing this you're viewing games through their cultural context- you're taking the memoirs of every person who beat the game and every person who beat the game after the fact, and every person who beat the game after the previous fact, and so on. But the game you're making in RPG maker won't be so privileged. Each person who plays your RPG is essentially the first person to play that RPG. Which is how videogames ought to be experienced in the first place.

tl;dr Don't be a leech. Play games on your own.

Card Based Battle System

I like the idea of giving each spell/skill its own MP bar (sorta like Mega Man X / classic series) but that's another thing that doesn't seem to be possible in VX Ace. Except by making spells items, and placing events everywhere to manipulate how many of each item you have. (for example, making it so using an inn replenishes your items)