Defeat the vermin of the underworld with the help of a fire djinn.



I dreamt that FF6 had an arab guy in a red do-rag

No doubt this happened because I was making a game in VX Ace using the RTP red do-rag guy as my protagonist. In the dream, his ability involved breaking pots (which looked like pots from Zelda series) and doing so unleashed fire or earth element spells. Sort of like spells-in-a-bottle. His name was Ramirez which is probably would've been too long of a name to fit in FF6. Therefore I figure if he really was in FF6 it would be shortened to Ram, which seems like a more FF6-sounding name anyhow. The funny thing is that I am now convinced that this Ram guy should have been in FF6, he fits the game perfectly. In fact I decided to whip up a mockup: (sorry if this sucks, I don't really do sprites)

What's also curious is that his appearance, abilities, and personality differ slightly from the game I am making. For example in my game he is accompanied by a genie. In the dream there was no genie, but how cool would it be if the FF6 version also had a genie? That would be so colorful. The gang would be like "holy crap it's a genie" and he'd be a like "it's ok, he's with me". xD It would be sort of like how Mog has Umaro, except this arguably would have been more fitting!

Crafting in Games

I've recently played Phantasy Star Portable 2, Lord of Arcana, Warriors of the Lost Empire, and Gods Eater Burst and I've noticed another problem with crafting systems. By having all these hoarded items you're forced to take everything out of storage before using the shop, then you realize you can't get anything (or decide not to in order to save your best items for something better) and then proceed to put everything back in storage.

Unless the shop automatically looks into your storage without requiring you to take them out manually. But either way it becomes confusing as to what's in storage and what isn't, and you forget what you have in storage. (or that you even have anything there)

Crafting in Games

Maybe nobody likes crafting systems, and the entire video game industry has just been playing a fast one on us for the last ten years.

I have to guess that maybe there are people staffed to come up with all the various systems for a game, and so now every game has tacked on crafting systems just so those people don't get fired for not doing anything.

But if a game dumps 99 rocks, twigs, and animal skins in my inventory within the first few hours for no real reason, I just get aggravated.

seriously. I've come to realize two things lately, the first is that those items are essentially spam. You don't know what you'll need them for; they're hoarded on the premise that presumably you might exchange them for something down the line. The second thing I noticed is that invariably there are things you won't be able to buy (which includes anything remotely useful) with the items you've hoarded up until that point, essentially making crafting systems a glorified way of telling the player they can't buy something. You pick up every twig and drop of water you've come across like a good little boy but you're still punished.

What might make things more exciting is if you never hoard any items and it isn't until you see something you want in the shop that you undertake the job of collecting the items. (preferably with some idea given of where the items are dropped) Or something like that, anyway.

It also doesn't help that many games don't even render the items, you only know what they are by their name. The whole thing just comes off as sterile and arbitrary.

I'm not even going to get into the wider problem of items in general which is that if you need to trade 2 of something you're going to be inclined to wait until you have 4 or 5 of that thing before actually giving up 2 of them.

Super Mario Bros. X's newest contender, the Mega Maker.

Is there a choice to not have a boss? Mega Man Powered Up had this. When I think about it, it didn't make sense to include a boss when making a stage because everyone's bosses are the same. While I am kind of shocked to hear that this has only 12 bosses, maybe I shouldn't be, especially if they couldn't rip the bosses from the NES game source code and instead had to recreate them by hand. (But I dunno if that was actually the case) The logic works in reverse also: if you could only choose from 12 pre built levels, there would be no reason for users to bother including them in any bosses they upload.

Also it depends, maybe, on how the game deals with boss weapons from other games. By the sound of things, boss weaknesses are not user programmable, meaning they had to decide on that stuff themselves.

Super Mario Bros. X's newest contender, the Mega Maker.

OMG! Thst's Time Man's theme in 8-bit!! I actually didn't notice until like 20 seconds after the trailer ended. :p
For comparison here's the original version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfL5NoUMvbU

Opinion on how to describe objects in greater detail?

Theory: Most of the time it should be described yourself otherwise the character comes off as a motormouth.

Using "you" is fine, I don't I have a rule for that.. I think? I use "you" on occasion but maybe it's only when taking key actions such as flipping a switch or opening a chest. ("you flip the switch", "you open the chest", "you take the item" etc) If the character is not actually doing something with the object then maybe avoid using "you". That's not to say "you" is bad. I heard that songs that use that word a lot are more likely to become hits, so maybe likewise reading the word you in an game pulls the player in.

By the way, what might work is to describe it yourself but have the character portrait appear. Meaning he's not commenting on the object but describing it to the player. Kinda fourth wall breaking, but having the player being talked to might draw the player in.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

whaaat... you inserted the black bar into my own screenshot. How did you even do that. :D

That DOES look good. I wasn't happy with the way mine looks.. before you posted I was considering using in-game tiles (such as for a carpet or a table) and writing text into them. As well as maybe changing what's written inside the message, because do I really need to show both arrows? It might be sufficient to just state who's going to attack first.

I really want to get this right. Until then I can't even work on my game because I keep thinking about this one thing.


when coupled with this: https://freesound.org/people/HonorHunter/sounds/271659/

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I added a turn order display to my game. Neat!!

So now there's the issue of style. I am considering putting a background or something on it. maybe have it appear on a card or other object. But I'm also considering instead making a fake window by hand and putting it in there. That's really hardcore though, like how would I pull off the semt-transparent texture inside the window? Or the color?

EDIT: Good enough I suppose?

p.s. yes, I actually changed the font to my game just now.

The window is animated now (slides in and out from offscreen) and has sound effects.

[RMVX ACE] How to make event run every turn of battle?

Well you pointed me toward it. It also doesn't hurt that RPGM explains the choices when you mouseover it. It's a great feature that really pulled through for me this time.

*gasp* I am praising RPG Maker??

I'm considering having an on-screen icon showing whose turn it is. But would that really work well? I wonder...

[RMVX ACE] How to make event run every turn of battle?

Span is set to "Battle", I actually didn't bother trying out the other two options because I had assumed it should work on Battle.

ok I got it to work.
God I feel stupid. :p

Setting it to "turn" and condition to "actor is at 100% or less HP" did the trick.
I wonder if replacing the HP requirement with 0+1*1 or 1+1*1 would work just fine, as long as it's set to "turn".
"Battle" clearly states the event will happen only once in the entire battle.

God I feel stupid. But now I know the answer to the problem so it was all worth it in the end. *shrugs*
Thanks Marrend!