Guardian of the Description Thread
Okay-ku, it's pretty much the end of the month, and we're at 93 total Misao nominations. That's 5 more from last month!

By far, this has been the slowest month. I'm hoping things will pick up at least a little bit with the Misao review event? I suppose only time will tell!
July will have the Misao review event so we'll see how that goes in bumping up the numbers.

There's also the Gamepage Glories event which will run concurrently, with the aim to get people to check out others' gamepages by prettifying your own - with a focus on games made this year and a bunch of CSS examples to play with, so hopefully that will also help drum up numbers.

I've also restarted the Sidequest room in the discord which might drag more people in with badges as prizes for doing stuff around the site, but we'll see how it goes.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Updated the OP with July's numbers. This month, the total increased by 10, making the grand total 103. If the trend holds, we may be able to gather the 108 Nominations of Destiny by the end of August! However, we'll see by how much the Misao Review event (which was delayed until August) could alter that prediction/trend.

*Edit: Actually, let me do one more edit to the OP, and suggest None Pizza with Left Beef: Chapter 2 as "Best in Positive Diversity", as it was my personal favorite among the games from this year's Gaymak.
Thanks for continuing to update this Marrend.❤️
This is no easy job. Especially with the year we've had.
Guardian of the Description Thread
August numbers are up! The nomination count stands at 119, which is 16 more from last month! This number is about an average amount of nominations, given the year so far.

I also refuse to believe there were no other cool games made in August? I put in Brigida, as it was pianotm's game from Theme Roulette 4. I don't know about any of the other entries having gamepages at this time.
I also refuse to believe there were no other cool games made in August?

Could just be me but I feel like the Buzzing section has been kinda wonky, and stuff is falling off the front page faster than usual.

I did play one very cool RM2k/3 throwback game called EXCALIBURIAN!!. It was made in MV and has all the good feels of an older RM game with the modern conveniences of a newer engine.
Just want to mention Chicken blood by Pudding/JustAShyDoge,

It's been available for while on on itch.io. But I deliberately asked pudding to upload here on rmn so it'd be eligible for a couple misaos,
it also got a really cool let's play vid - the first 4 seconds of this vid, sum up the experience, in a great way.

I just like how simple and funny it is. A short preemptive game to play to get into the Halloween spirit.

...you can stop yelling at me now pudding :sadcat:


I also want to mention Our Dark Heart by Ashes of Emerald for:
- Most Promising Demo
- Best Eye Candy
- Excellence In Narrative
Guardian of the Description Thread
This might be more a thought concerning front page material (ie: a "Spotlight - Wavemaker" slot, or maybe the RMN TV slot?), but, I had heard of Chicken Blood getting an LP video, and generally of the impression it was making waves?
Just putting this out there for anyone curious. This year with the Misaos is going to be kind of rough. I've had some really awful things happen this year, as I'm sure most of you have had as well. I'm usually a very private person, I've mentioned facing some hardship in the past. But unfortunately, unlike those incidents that have happened in the past, what I'm faced with now isn't something that can change with time. So, if the Misaos come together this year, they come together this year and if it doesn't, it doesn't.

I'm just putting this out there, so you guys know what to expect ahead of time, coming October/November/January, etc.

But yeah, I'm gonna try pulling something together.♥
I appreciate the hard work that's been done this year.
Guardian of the Description Thread
September data has been posted! We're now up to 157 total nominations, which is a gain of 37 from last month. This is the biggest single gain in nominations since March, and September's was only one vote away from March's count. How will October fair? We shall see!
Guardian of the Description Thread
October numbers are up! Perhaps a little early, though? I dunno. I hope to put a few more entries from Commonplace Book at a later date.

Either way, we're up to 179 nominations in total, which is a gain of 22 nominations from last month.

*Edit: The numbers for November and December will speak for themselves, but, it does seem like we're in prime Misao nomination season!
Am currently setting up the event page for the MISAO event. Will drop a link here when done! >.<)b
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Hello guys! We got a batch of cool new games made for RMN Halloween Event 2021, so please consider these too for this year Misao's!

Guardian of the Description Thread
Thanks, both of you!

*Edit: Since it might be a cool point of information, I added Mirak's playlist as a notation next to Commonplace Book. Liberty's Floppy Disk and Theme Roulette 4 playlists were also added as notations in a similar fashion.

*Edit2: As another point of information, here's a short list of games I flagged with "Sleeping Beetle Ninja" (the award for "sleeper hits" that have a download count of around 150 or less), and their current download count.

-Epic Wings 2, added February, 393 downloads
-A Theif's Voyage, added March, 72 downloads
-Evvervale Fall, added March, 227 downloads
-Darkest Dreams Remake, added May, 276 downloads
-Forget-me-not, added May, 110 downloads
Fantastic work! My new game DELUGE is a 2k3 game - it's available on here as well!
I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
Why isn't Meteo Chronicles on here? I know it had a lot of glitches starting out (I released it early without playtesting, big mistake) but it's longer than Chrono Trigger (around 25-30 hours to beat) and I spent a lot of time and effort on it. (nearly 3 years!) Can you please include it on here? I would really mean a lot to me!
Hope my project NIHILO will garner some attention here, it was dormant from 2013 up until this year!
I've put a lot of love back into it this year, and hope people will enjoy the experience!

I believe it was released around May of this year, but has since been updated today!
There is an entire Chapter 1 demo, around 4-5 hours of gameplay, available here https://rpgmaker.net/games/5796/
Guardian of the Description Thread
If I dare to recommend my own Uchioniko MZ, how can I not accept 108% self-promotion recommendations? XD

List updated.
If we're throwing our own games on here, I did finish Soma Union in August. Though I can understand if this shouldn't be highlighted since Soma Spirits won in 2016. But I thought I'd mention it anyway.