It's that time of year when people start shilling their games and trying to accrue last minute nominations.

And hey, we get it. Everyone's game deserves a day in the spotlight, after all! In order to help with that, we're running an event asking for reviews and nominations!

So dust off your soapboxes and get ready to cry for the attention of the masses. Pull out your notebooks and start scribbling down your thoughts! Grab the nearest game from this year, and start your potato engines!

Because it's time for No-Mination November to rev it into high gear!

The aim of this event is to get people to not only play and share the games that came out this year, but to review them and nominate. Thus, the event has two main components.

The first, is to expose games to people inside and outside of RMN! You can do this in a few different ways!
- Let's Plays, Livestreams and Video Playthrough are the first and easiest way.
- Recommending and shilling games outside of the site is the second.
- Creating and sharing fanworks from the games you love is the third.
- Writing reviews to share here and on social media is the fourth!

The second part of this event is to make sure your nominations are in and helping to spread the word to others in order to get them to nominate too!



To encourage you to do your best to complete all of these tasks we will be giving a badge for each, worth 20MS each!

Given to those who make and share fanworks of the games on the site in order to bring more attention to them.

Given for getting involved in showing the games off to others on social media, bringing attention to their existence.

Given for streaming, recording video, or the like and showing them off to others through those platforms that exist for such thing.

Given for articulating your likes, dislikes and giving critique or just sharing your thoughts on the games via reviews posted on the site and elsewhere.

Given for nominating games for people and spreading the existence of the Misaos so that others can join in and nominate games that they enjoyed too!

Collecting each of these badges will give you the SUPER SHINY MISAO badge worth an extra 100MS!

On top of that, for every 3 reviews that you admit to this event page that is written for games released this year, you will receive a themed Rurouni Kenshin badge, worth 25 points each! These reviews must have been written during November 2021 to count!

You can collect up to 6 of these specific badges for a total of 150MS!

That's over 300MS up for grabs in one event!

- You have until Midnight (site time) of the 30th of November in order to get all submitted. If they're in the queue, they'll count, as long as they meet our site standards.
- Event starts as soon as this page goes live!
- Games eligible for this event must have been made, released or sufficiently updated this year.
- Reviews must have been written during November 2021. Same with fanworks and streams/videos, however if you're in the middle of said fanwork, stream/video, review at the start of November, releasing it during November will still count!

Fanworks, social media links, video/stream links and misao share links should be posted in the comments of this event page, but please make sure to make it apparent what, in particular, you submitted for ease of sorting.

An easy way to mark something is by putting it under a heading of either M, I, S, A or O so that I know which section it counts for.

Reviews should be uploaded to this event page by submitting to the site (go to game page, click Submit Review, write review, then hit submit. It will then go into the queue for acceptance and you will get a note when accepted that will allow you to submit it to this page by hitting Submit in the top-right corner, picking your review in the drop-down list and adding it.)

You can find our review submission rules here:


  • 10/31/2021 05:25 AM
  • 12/01/2021 01:00 AM



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In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
One of these is for making fan art. Sign me right the eff up.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Was gonna say "foist" but i underestimated the speed of the rachel/illy combo
Guardian of the Description Thread
If it wasn't already in the event description, I would link up my Misao nomination thread here. Though, I'm inclined to point out that the link provided leads to Mirak's comment about the playlist he put together for Commonplace Book.
Fixed. Also fixed name of the page. XDDD
Guardian of the Description Thread
For additional value, I've complied an initial list of games I had tagged with "Sleeping Beetle Ninja", here. The description of "Sleeping Beetle Ninja" specifies a download count of 150 or less, and some of those games in that post are still at that count!
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
Pls make fan art/reviews for my games. I need the attention. Plus, I've only gotten one piece of fan art, and it's for a game that's no longer canon... (kinda, it's hard to explain)
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I'm just gonna drop this here

(Oh also: If anyone else wants me to make them a promo image like this shoot me a message, preferably over discord, I can do it for free if I'm interested in the project or a fan of it, but being paid for the effort would be appreciated)

It's been a while since i do a review on this site, so sure. Count me in. Feel free to ping me if you have games that need to be reviewed too that fits the criteria. I'll just pick some random games from the lists if there isn't any.
Still a dumb and shy doggo
I'm also open for review if needed.
I'm also very open for people willing to help me spread word of my games >:)
Guardian of the Description Thread
I think it's the very spirit of this event to both bolster your own games, and to bolster other member's games as well. I wouldn't necessarily expect a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" kind of deal from this event, but, sometimes, to get attention, you need to give attention.
Like Frogge, I, too, have made a promo image.

Gonna just slide on in and jump on that promo bandwagon as well!
I'd love some reviews or playthroughs of my demo, Nihilo!

"My passion project, made in RM2k3. A throwback to the 90s Post Apocalyptic/Cyberpunk era.
Nihilo follows protagonist Estes and his party as they journey to uncover the truth behind The Calamity."

I'm also open for review if needed.
I'm also very open for people willing to help me spread word of my games >:)

*clears throat*

...Hey, so um CHICKEN BLOOD is pretty great!!

Could easily win Punniest Game Alive this year.

along side Awe vs Ozzy.
and Detective Waka

Having these 3 games face off against each other would be a pretty interesting match up
for the misaos, if you guys are having trouble picking a game for Punniest Game Alive particular category...

...J-just saying.


EDIT: I'm really diggin' the misao cards this year. It's a really easy and stylish way to self promote without the shame.
I like it, I like it alot ♥. looking forward to more of these.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
This looks like a good place to say that Forgotten Water's Silent Voice is a freaking awesome horror game.

Might I also remind people that Frogge made the most beautiful game of the year?

And finally, a shout out to Keeper of the Fog!

I guess I should plug one of my own games:

Also, tweeted Frogge's game, because it deserves to be tweeted.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I’m glad the misao cards are becoming a thing, lovely stuff y’all!

Also friendly reminder that christmas card is coming out december first aswell. Punniest games gonna have some more competition hehe
Guardian of the Description Thread
Huh. How many games did I flag for Punniest Game Alive? Let me do a quick-search.

Yume Wheeky
Detective WaKa
Rejection - An RMN Birthday Game
Chicken Blood
Posting this as proof of me doing an S
Guardian of the Description Thread
I believe this post falls under A, or possibly O?
I'm keeping this ongoing thread on Twitter as an I. Will continue to update it!

Also I made this misao card if anyone wants to check out what I've been up to.

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