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Setting up a new Event

Well, considering some of us (me) are still attending school, getting ANYTHING done in a single day is, frankly, impossible.

Isn't that what weekends are for...?

Coming up with a story as you go

I winged my first RPG Maker and came up with a game where characters joined the party for no reason... It was a 1 hour job, and it sucked...

Nowadays, I like to plot my ideas in a format which I believe would work for any game with a story...

The Story of Bob
This is just an example of how I plot my ideas, but since the bare bones of the story goes here, I'll just make one up. The Kingdom of Kington was peaceful until one of the royal mages found an evil rock that turned him evil. With his new evil powers, the mage terrorizes Kington and captures its princess. Bob, the prince of Kington, must make his way to the evil mage's lair and save his sister.

Bob: Prince of Kington (wields Swords)
King: The King of Kington
Ashely: Princess of Kington and Steve's sister
Steve: A royal guard and Steve's best friend (wields Spears)
John: The royal mage that was tainted by the evil stone (wields Staffs)
Maria: A royal mage and John's wife (wields Staffs)
Dick: A royal healer (wields Pots... of water!)
The Protector of the Sword: Protects the Sword of Awesomeness

Key Items
Evil Stone x2 (when I add "x2", that means that the item gets updated to a new version)
Sword of Awesomeness
Evil Shards

- Bob wakes up. Maid tells him to go tell to King in the throne room.

- Go to Throne Room
** The king is instructing John, Dick, and other mages to go and find the rock that fell from the sky.
** The mages leave.
** Talk to King: He tells Bob of the importance of his studies and that he would be king one day. He then tells him to eat breakfast in the dining room.

- Go to Dining Room
** Bob eats breakfast.
** Steve comes in. He tells Bob that Ashely is looking for him in the garden. (STEVE JOINS PARTY)

- Go to Garden
** Ashely is playing with butterflies
** Her and Bob talk about sappy bro and sis stuff


- Throne Room
** King is talking to Bob and Ashely. Steve is standing on the side.
** A soldier enters. He tells the king that the party he sent returned, but only one came back.
** Dick enters and tells everyone that John is possessed by the evil stone. He also says that John is making his way towards the castle.
** King readies all his soldiers for battle.

- Go to Castle's Front Entrance
** John breaks his way through the defenses
** Bob and Steve fight John, and lose.
** Ashely enters and is captured by John. They leave the castle.

- Throne Room
** King is depressed that Ashely was captured. Bob, Steve, and Dick are standing around. Maria is secretly watching.
** Bob and Steve tell the king that they will rescue Ashely.
** Dick tells about a sacred shrine and the Sword of Awesomeness. He says that it might be able to destroy the evil stone. (DICK JOINS PARTY)
** Maria comes out and says she wants to save her husband. (MARIA JOINS PARTY)
** The party heads out

- Go to several towns (I'm too lazy)
** Clear up the infestation of monsters or thugs and kill the big baddie
** Learn a little something about the backstory of one of the characters
** Move to the next location

- Go to Sacred Shrine
** The party encounters the Protector of the Sword, and he won't let them pass.
** They fight the protector and defeat him. (GAIN SWORD OF AWESOMENESS)
** Dick asks the protector about the evil stone. The protector doesn't know a thing, because it is "not of this world"

- Go to Evil Lair
** The party make their way to John.
** They fight John and win!
** Bob stabs John with the Sword of Awesomeness. John becomes unconscious and drops the evil stone.
** Dick tells Bob to take the stone to the shrine and destroy it. (GAIN EVIL STONE) (DICK AND MARIA LEAVE PARTY)

- Go to Sacred Shrine
** Bob and Steve take the stone to the shrine and destroys it. (LOSE EVIL STONE)
** The stone shatters. Its pieces scatter in different directions. The protector doesn't like what happened and said he would look into it.

- Go to Evil Lair
** John is conscious and tells Bob that he shouldn't have destroyed the stone.
** He tells him that the stone has possessed Ashely and she won't wake up without the stone's power.
** The protector comes in and tells the party that the pieces have been scattered throughout the land and if they collect the pieces, they can restore the stone to normal power.
** The party sets out to find the shards (DICK AND JOHN JOIN PARTY)

- Go to several dungeons
** Fight off monsters and defeat the one possessed by the evil shard (GAIN AN EVIL SHARD) (JOHN LEARNS SOME DARK MAGIC)
** Learn a little more about the characters
** Head to the next location

- Go to Evil Lair
** The protector uses his power to restore the evil shards to the stone. (LOSE EVIL SHARDS) (GAIN EVIL STONE)
** John tries to use the stone to bring back Ashely. She turns into a monster.
** The party fight the monster and win. Ashley reverts to her normal self.

- Sacred Shrine
** Bob returns the Sword of Awesomeness
** The protector disappears

- Throne Room
** Everyone celebrate the return of the princess
** They all live happily ever after.


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Just wait.

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Since when was Unity in the engines list?