Oh dear, an rpg maker user has been contacted for youtube partnership

Or just do some Fred shenanigans and upload 1 minute videos of bullshit. Win-win.
I can't do this because I'm in Sweden.

Things I Need to Know Before Making My First RPG

Any RPG Maker will let you hit the ground running because they're really simple to use.

If you're going to use GameMaker you'd have to be prepared to program your game engine from scratch and that's not pretty.

Since you only want to create a traditional RPG, RPGM is the way to go.

People want what they can't have.

Ah, it's always heartwarming when you can accomplish the once impossible with a simple power-up.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Now playing Tales of Legendia.

Why RPG and not action adventure?

I agree with Locke. You need to love RPG mechanics in order to choose this genre as your medium of presentation and storytelling. It has nothing to do with the storytelling stigma that RPG gaming has carried around with it for decades.

To resolve problems with players overgrinding, you simply fix available resources and force the player to overcome the odds only with whatever was given to them. It gives you as the developer an unreal amount of control on how exactly your conflicts will unfold.

People want what they can't have.

There was a somewhat related mechanic in Valkyrie Profile.

At the end of individual dungeons and defeating the boss, you will find special treasure chests marked as Artifacts of Odin. These items were very useful/powerful but came with a catch. Raiding these will present you with a warning that the item is property of Lord Odin; keeping it for personal use is punishable. For keeping the item you lose Seal Points which determine whether or not you can get the good ending.

Of course, the execution of this is flawed and you can raid every treasure in the game as long as you send a suitable Einherjar to Valhalla every chapter and you'll still get the good ending. The genius of this is, however, you wouldn't know any better unless you were using a guide to play through to the good ending. Thus, the player is psychologically tricked into considering both options.

This can play into your own game design by implementing similar types of godly loot but have more drawn out punishments for disobeying the warning label. I dunno, be creative with it. :B

Oh My Guitar Hero

You spoony bard!

Speed Run R3cords

Maybe my mind's getting speed run confused with challenges. But still, speed runs should be done honestly.

There's a solid difference between challenges and speed runs.

Challenges are to complete the game without using a certain feature in the game (FFX, NSG).

Speed running is to beat the game as quickly as possible, using whatever means possible (without the use of Game Genies and shit). Haven't you heard of speed runners that sequence break, glitch, exploit, and more? That's how beating Super Mario 64 with 0 stars in under 10 minutes is possible in the first place. Keek.

People who use an emulator and save states to speed run are termed "TASers". It means Tool-Assisted Speedrun.

hey guys!

KLuise KontroL for KooL

So it's been two weeks, Enterbrain, and you still haven't answered my email. I'm beginning to wonder if you just don't want my m

I don't think the library is on very good terms with me, considering I lost my library card five times, buying a new one ($2) each time I lost them, and finding the one I lost the next day. :/

That's not enough to keep you off their computers like someone who has, oh I dunno, set a bookshelf on fire or browsed pron.
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