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I don't understand your first response, but as for the second, I never said banwagoning sucks or even implied anything of the sort. I'm saying banwagoning is not a good reason for lynching, and you just proved my point. It doesn't imply anything about whether the target in question is Mafia or not, yet Tonfa and GOG were quick to use that as their excuse, anyways.

I'd say its the reverse of what you're saying - we're just trying to flush the Mafia out and the Mafia are acting innocent to make us look like the wolves.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

I wouldn't have gotten killed unless I had tried to put the pressure on GOG and Tonfa then as I am now. So far, they've only targeted town that they wanted to get rid of during the day. GOG may have made a minor quip about me voting against him, but he didn't actually vote it. They already had their sights on Relyt.

Bandwagoning is not good enough to lynch over because in a game with such imperfect information, sometimes you just have to agree with the next person who has a better intuition about these things than yourself.

Mafia have to take initiative during the day as that's the only time town players can organize and figure out who's who. Sitting idly and allowing town to pinpoint their members is counter-productive to them getting the majority vote. Thus, it isn't usually the bandwagoners who are Mafia, unless they're trying to start a turnover to sway the town into their train of thought, and when that happens someone still has to take the initiative to actually turnover the vote.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

Yes, Ark did do so as well. But you did it first, and as has been just demonstrated with the previous lynch, bandwagoning is not a good enough reason to lynch someone.

You have made me rather curious, but as I said, one suspect at a time.

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It wouldn't have turned over the previous vote. All that would have happened is that I would have become the target last night instead of Relyt. That's basically the only reason why I've been quiet about it.

Gamemaking and Time Management. (again)

My problem is that I dig myself too deep into work that is slightly above my level of expertise, and have to constantly come up for air and dick around a little so I can wrap my head around what needs to be done. I've learned that I can only work effectively when its something so simple for me, I can go straight to creating it and get results. If I have to spend lots of time designing and deciding how to implement, I lose myself in my own thoughts and nothing gets completed. Best-case scenario is that I get stuck in a cycle of refactoring, worse-case is that I drown in depression...

I take myself too seriously.

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A calculating personality can be just as sure a sign of a rutheless Mafia as it is a valuable town member...

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No, you're right. I wanted everyone else to think for themselves, and not just take my word for it.

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To answer everyone's question about my second suspect, go back to the first day's lynch. Check who voted for what. Now check who died the night after...

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He's done nothing but make random accusations the whole game, and no one has questioned him at all, merely brushing him off as a "minor annoyance". He was the first person to jump on someone for making a "random" vote (Relyt), which is just oozing of hypocrisy, and he simply continues to act this way without inhibition. Most importantly, despite making it past the lynching phase, the person in question was killed anyways. Not a coincidence.

There's another, too, for almost the same reasons. But one suspect at a time... we'll flush the other out eventually...

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Oh, this is bullshit.

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