This is one of the most mature RPGMaker communities on the internet. Even if I got praise and adoration outside of this community, I wouldn't really hold it in as much high regard as I would from here. Seriously, I've hanged around GW...

Try to appreciate the fans you do have, not the ones you don't. Unless you're in it for the long haul like myself and Max McGhee, and I'm sure he'd agree that we both try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Best RM Games you've Ever Played

Except EMDE2; forgot that wasn't a demo. Generica, I'm working on. Very slowly.

Why is RPG Maker stuck in the 20th Century, graphics-wise?

Anymore than making one for the Playstation/2?

GRS I DEMAND EXPLANATIONS, obtained from this website. Enjoy.

Best RM Games you've Ever Played

I can't say objectively which games I've played that are the best, but I can mention all the games I've played that I liked. I must admit, however, that I have not finished any of the full-games on this list:

In a semi-chronological order:
Kindred Saga
FF: Endless Nova
Naufrager Crimson
Aurora Wing
Legend of the Philosopher's Stone
Shichimenchouken: Sword of the Seven-Faced Bird
Pokemon the Evil Inside 2
Epic Monster Dungeon Explorer 2
Demon Tower
Sore Losers
Exit Fate
Hero's Realm
Starless Umbra

Release Something! Day VII: Advent Children [June 20th]

No dice this time. The most I'll have ready by Friday is a tech demo of a battle system and nothing more.

Top Ten Video Game Bosses?

author=Natook link=topic=3888.msg80716#msg80716 date=1245076352
I also hate every Final Fantasy boss that has one extremely over powered ability. It sucks to fight for an hour and be totally knocking the crap out of a boss, and then it uses one stupid thing to kill everyone. Then it's like oh, now I have to go back and equip something just so that won't happen for each boss. (I'm lookin at you FFX)

Lol, Yunalesca?

Iron Gaia Mafia!

I was pretty much positive on Natook after Night 4, until Tonfa stated he was roleblocked and I second-guessed what my PM meant.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

You are Rover! You are a robot designed specifically to help out the crew and passengers of the Iron Gaia with whatever situation arises. Lately, you have been programmed to help patch up injured members of the Resistance.

Role-wise, you are the Resistance Doctor! Each night, you submit a target to me to protect. Should that person be targeted by a kill, they will be protected.

You win with the Resistance, when all threats to its survival have been eliminated.

Night 2
I was trying to catch up to the action and knew Relyt would be attacked (to make up for him not getting lynched). Boy was I surprised when my first Night action turned out to be roleblocked...

"Doctor's Orders"
Making up for my inactivity the previous night. Let it be on the record that Relyt was protected.

You try to leave your room to go protect Relyt, but find yourself unable to do so, as somebody is firing a gun at you! They seem to be missing intentionally, but all the same, you don't wish to try your luck.

A shame, too, because Relyt winds up erased from existence when you wake up the next morning.

You have been roleblocked, and thus cannot protect Relyt!

Night 3
After Night 2, I confirmed my suspicion of GOG and Tonfa and continued my pursuit of the former. Having been wrong about GOG being Mafia, I let my guard down here and deduced that Tonfa was innocent, and that Azn would be going after him.

"Craziest move I'll have made all game"
I'm going to defend Tonfa tonight. I have a sneaking suspicion that Azn's loyalty to him was a farse...

You sit outside Tonfa's room, hidden from sight. You listen for any sign of struggle, or distress, but nothing happens.

You protected Tonfa, but he was not attacked!

Night 4
Because of how vague the pm was, I did not fully remove my suspicion of Tonfa, but decided to grill Ark a little to see what happens. At Night 4, my suspicions were drawn on either Natook or Tonfa, seeing as the game had not ended at that point. But I knew, whether either of them were innocent or not, I would be tonight's target...

"I'm going to die, aren't I?"
I'm just going to protect myself tonight. After mucking up again with Ark, Tonfa's bound to go after me.

You activate your self-preservation routines and wait silently throughout the night for any potential attack. Sure enough, out of nowhere, a sword slices through your armor and stabs into your motor systems. Some sparking occurs, and your assailant leaves, just in time for the self-preservation routines to fix the damage.

However, if you're hit again, you won't be able to fix the damage.

You were attacked, but your self-protection saved you! You will no longer be able to self-protect!

Night 5
Yes, I was confused, but as you can see self-protection was not an option. I was about to protect Tonfa again, but then realized that whatever scenario came up, Liberty needed to be saved...

"Surprise butt-secks!"
Only two possible scenarios now: Tonfa is still a serial killer anyways, or Libery is also Mafia. Either way, we're screwed, so I'm just going to protect Tonfa tonight and see what happens.

"I take it back." (Sent a minute after)
Protect Liberty! PROTECT LIBERTY!!

You monitor Liberty tonight. He has his throat slashed, but since you were right outside the door, you get in and operate in time to save his life.

You successfully protected Liberty!

Iron Gaia Mafia!

Well I guess I'm glad you helped, then.

Also, I can't protect myself more than once, I know that. I wouldn't try it again, just to see what happens, that's basically giving the game away to whomever strikes first. =P

I was about to protect you, too. It would have been over, had I not changed my mind at the last second!

EDIT: All in all, I'm glad I went back on my suspicions. We definitely needed a carefully aimed killer to snuff Natook out, even if he wasn't on anyone's side but his own.