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ALSO: Does not tolerate use of the word "when" under any circumstance.
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The ^ < v game

^ Double posted! :o

< Doesn't usually have water near the keyboard. And I have an excellent track record when it comes to drinks, anyway. I've never spilled one on my keyboard. Ever.

v Didn't floss today.

What are you thinking about right now?

Thank the Maker! seiromem finally changed his avatar to something that doesn't have a rogue apostrophe in it! This is the sixth best moment of my life!!! *faints*

... ... *unfaints* ....

Super Smash Bros for WiiU

I would use Koopa Kiddies more if I didn't drive myself off the stage every time the clown car got wheels.

And I'm pretty sure you could map the controls in Brawl. I seem to recall changing all of my friend's controls once... you know, push A to shield, push Z to attack, push left to jump. Good times, that.

Super Smash Bros for WiiU

The Duck Hunt and Wii Fit Studio stages don't have any dangerous gimmicks that I can think of off the top of my head.

And to clarify: my Skype is AlphaOmega247, my time zone is EST, I'm not a real man so I play with all items on at whatever the default drop rate is, and I typically play 2:00 timed matches (because I'll sit out half the match if it's stock with more than two people). And I have no stage preferences. I'll play on anything.

I should also point out that since my preferred play style is definitely in the vast minority, I'm willing to go with just about any other set of rules. I'll suck in any case, so it doesn't really matter. XD

Fuck Christmas

I agree with your mother. This can also happen if you use self-rising flour that's been kept near heat or isn't quite new from the store. I never use self-rising flour. It's really not that hard to use a teaspoon of yeast and let it rise for an hour or so.
The flour is on the other side of the kitchen from the stove and I don't think it was old. So it must have been the butter. After all Mommy is never wrong.

Actually I think I'm even working Christmas... I should probably find out haha. Those fucking Christmas songs though ugh.
I wouldn't be surprised if I had to go in Christmas night. The store is going to wiped out and the shelves aren't going to restock themselves.

Super Smash Bros for WiiU

I can Smash tonight if anybody is interested in racking up a lot of wins. Oh, and I'm in Michigan/Eastern Time Zone, so "tonight" is like... the time of this post and the subsequent five/six hours.

The best way to get my attention is to send me a message via Skype. (I'm... AlphaOmega247 of all things). I have my phone with me at all times, so I'll definitely see a Skype message before anything here, but I will (hopefully) check back here just in case.

And I don't think there's any easy way to share your Smash matches on YouTube. Sakurai couldn't be bothered to include the Smash TV equivalent of Mario Kart TV. In the past, I've had to manually point a camera at the TV and then upload it to YouTube. Not that anyone wants to see my shitty matches. XD

Fuck Christmas

I did my usual spacing when putting the dough onto the sheet, and it's not uncommon for the finished cookies to be touching each other when they're out of the oven, but I've NEVER had them all merge into one giant mess of a cookie. My mom thinks I might have softened the butter too much. I think the oven was possessed by anti-cookie demons.

Fuck Christmas

I made some Christmas cookies today. Well, "cookie." Something went horribly wrong and when it came out of the oven, it was one giant cookie, about 1 centimeter thick, burnt to a crisp in places, while the rest was just bubbling pustules. Needed a chisel to get it off the baking sheet. I've made these cookies before; I followed the recipe exactly. I double checked EVERYTHING. I have no idea what went wrong. Boo.

Then I went Christmas shopping and spent a ton of cash on myself and nothing on anybody else. Yeah! I'm in the holiday mood now.

I will throw in an extra dollar and pebble of my own.
I'll be expecting this in the mail.

Fuck Christmas

I put my Christmas tree up. Wahoo. Half of the lights don't work and the half that do work project colors onto the ceiling. And the cat insists on eating the tree, even though it's fake.

One of these years, I should just put up a Festivus pole.

Roll a seven? Does your Grandma get out a d8 from her Dungeons and Dragons set or something?

Grandma gift certificate, though! I love that so much! It's almost too perfect.

My farmer grandma once sent me a card with a $1 bill in it, and a pebble from her yard. The card said "I found this rock and it reminded me of you."
As Max McGee said, it was 2 six-sided dice. And let me tell you, those Grandma Gift Certificates never yield anything good. The $10 was probably the best gift ever. I still don't know what I should be doing with that collector's edition Dale Earnhardt Jr. telephone that she got me a few years ago. Boy, it was hard to look excited when I opened that bad boy up. Actually, it was hard not to vomit.

But nothing beats the sweater that she knitted for me when I was a kid. I loved dinosaurs back in the day, so she knitted me a sweater with a fair approximation of an Apatosaurus on it (also, fuck you Google spell check, it is NOT Brontosaurus). Anyway, the whole thing was just a disaster in every other way imaginable. I barely remember the color scheme, but I distinctly remember orange. It was also so short that it was a mid-drift... with sleeves that were about six or seven inches longer than my arms. Apparently Grandma thought I had body of an orangutan. (For the record, I am not an orangutan.)

So I'll gladly take your pebble and $1 bill, nervuss! XD

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The Heartless have turned to the Dark Side. LOL

Be born and raised in a place where durians are the most abundant food, with little else, and just see what you eat.
Alright, where are Durians the most abundant and a better option than anything else?
They're native to Southeast Asia and only grow in a climate warmer than 72 degrees Fahrenheit. There are undoubtedly a million other things in SE Asia that will grow under those conditions. Or they could go fishing...

author=Max McGee
Who even decided that durian is edible?! I mean, it smells awful and is covered in spikes! That just screams "NOT EDIBLE" to me! XD
the same species that thought it was an awesome idea to drink "the white stuff that comes out of the swollen thing hanging off of a cow"
Silly humans...