Was deemed by the Arishok as one who commands a great deal of respect. Was recently thrown out of a wheat field for going against the grain. Once conquered Rhode Island using a can of lima beans, a yo-yo, and a used copy of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 on Blu-Ray. Is a founding member of the band Bladder Failure, whose hit single "Flushed From the Bottom of My Heart" spent nearly six minutes atop the Canadian Top 10 (until the software glitch was corrected). Invented the word "zfaifnv" while trapped in the back of a UPS truck with a flatulent snapping turtle.

ALSO: Does not tolerate use of the word "when" under any circumstance.
The Legend of Blake
Embark upon a journey to become a legend. Or not. It's up to you.



The Screenshot Topic Returns

Trees seem a bit out of place, with the map and with each other....

maybe one of those could be tweaked to work with the map but they all seem to be pretty different
Believe it or not, the trees (and the offensive bush) are ALL from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. I was originally going for a Minish Cap feel, but I hate the trees in that game, so I started to branch out... ...(awful pun)... and look for trees elsewhere. Even though they're not a perfect match to the rest of the art (which has obviously migrated away from Minish Cap), I think they're a fair match. I'm reasonably competent at editing sprites; I'll see if I can do anything to make them fit in a little bit better.

Not Back By Popular Demand

Alph is fine. I've been called worse. XD And do you accept Canadian? I don't even know what I'm paying for, but if I can get rid of this loose Canadian change I've been stuck with, I'll happily give you my money.

Is a simple captcha really that onerous?
I didn't even have to do a captcha, actually. I was only asked if I was a spam bot, and then told to answer NO.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

This is from the game I've been working on. It's far too preliminary for me to show off anything more than screenshots at the moment, but I figure that since I joined this place, I'd might as well show off something.

[Poll] Cute little fat guys from RPGs

Rollo is like the best thing ever. Probably my favorite animal companion in a Tales game after Mieu.

I went with rabite, though, because... well, they're rabites.

If you died, what loot would you drop?

Man, I'd be like that one bandit you always come across in Skyrim and curse him for not having anything worthwhile on him.

x1 Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt (+0 defense)
x1 Jeans with a gigantic hole in the right knee (-5 defense)
x1 White/Black DC shoes (+1 defense)
x352385823 Cat fur (I'm sure of it, little thing is shedding like mad crazy)

x1 Samsung Galaxy S4... 100% charged
x1 Nintendo 3DS, which is desperately longing for Super Smash Bros. I think Mario Golf: World Tour is in it, though.
x1 Wallet, phat stacks of $$$, debit card, Best Buy Reward Zone Card, Kroger Card, Michigan drivers license

The ^ < v game

^ Is apparently posting from an urn. Or a fireplace. Or some other place with very peculiar ashes.

< Commands a great deal of respect.

v Has a strange and unusual affinity for gourmet dog food.

Not Back By Popular Demand

Do you remember me?! I sure hope not, because I've never been here before. But the moment you haven't been waiting for is at hand, because I finally managed to finish that awful registration and have joined your illustrious ranks. I was actually looking for a decent underwater basket weaving website, but since none exist, this seemed like the next best thing.

You may address me however you see fit, though please note that I don't respond to Franz. "Sir" is acceptable. "Miss" also works, because I apparently look like a girl. I am not, though. A girl, that is.

I'm not exactly new to making RPGs. Many moons ago, I made a few crappy games using RPG Maker XP, but got distracted by a bran muffin (or something) and fell out of the loop for ages. For some reason, I decided to get back into it over the summer, discovered that RPG Maker VX Ace exists, and have been spending way too much time crafting my newest "masterpiece" ever since. I'll be sure to share the details of my efforts soon. Or not.

Anyway, I love RPGs. I just finished Bravely Default. I'm currently working my way through Tales of Xillia 2. I'm quasi-eagerly anticipating Dragon Age: Inquisition (and hoping it doesn't stink). I'm wearing a Kingdom Hearts shirt... But I'll generally play just about any game that I think looks cool. Other interests include sleep, photography, me, science fiction, sleep, and making lists. And sleep. I do not enjoy long walks on the beach; I did that over the summer and I'm still pouring sand out of my shoes. Candlelit dinners are okay, though.

I also have a very sarcastic and weird sense of humor that nobody seems to like and I apologize in advance.