Was deemed by the Arishok as one who commands a great deal of respect. Was recently thrown out of a wheat field for going against the grain. Once conquered Rhode Island using a can of lima beans, a yo-yo, and a used copy of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 on Blu-Ray. Is a founding member of the band Bladder Failure, whose hit single "Flushed From the Bottom of My Heart" spent nearly six minutes atop the Canadian Top 10 (until the software glitch was corrected). Invented the word "zfaifnv" while trapped in the back of a UPS truck with a flatulent snapping turtle.

ALSO: Does not tolerate use of the word "when" under any circumstance.
The Legend of Blake
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Super Smash Bros for WiiU

I'll get things started: What a stupid name for the game. They should have followed suit with Melee, Brawl, ???.
It totally should have been Super Smash Bros. Universe. Talk about a wasted opportunity. So now instead of being all like "Yeah, I'm gonna play some Brawl or Melee," I have be say, "I'm going to play some for Wii U." ...... :\

The actual fighting in the game is exceptionally good. I love it. Which is good, because most everything else is disappointing. The Stage Builder is crappy, Smash Tour is crappy, Target Smash is crappy, there is no Adventure Mode, the lack of personal stats is crappy, the challenge board is bullshit. The game is basically a choice grade A porterhouse steak served in a stale value brand hot dog bun. The core is SOOOOO GOOD, but it's surrounded by mediocrity. Thankfully, nothing but the multiplayer really matters, so one can easily overlook all of that nonsense.

Favorite characters: Robin, Shulk, Link, Falco
Favorite stages: Super Mario Galaxy, Skyloft
Crappiest Stage: The Great Cave Offensive (WAY TOO BIG)

My Nintendo Network ID is (shockingly) AlphaOmega247.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

It doesn't really take much to unlock everything. I think it took like 2 or 3 days for me. The worst part was playing Smash Tour 3 times to get the Pac-Man stage (cuz Smash Tour sucks).

I haven't used him much, but Duck Hunt isn't a bad character. Or... "Duck. Hunt." as the Smash Announcer says. The only newcomers that I really don't like are Rosalina and Palutena.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Played tons of Smash for the Wii U today. I thought Link and Falco would be my mains forever, but Robin and Shulk just might edge them out.

Apparently a Legend of Zelda game is what I'm playing. I am listening to the orchestra 25th anniversary concert on YouTube. That Spirit Tracks song... Agh, I need me some Zelda playing!!!
That 25th anniversary concert was even better in person. Aside from the dude cosplaying as Tingle. Blech.

Hello :)

Welcome newcomer.

Your game looks gorgeous, btw. I almost feel bad for bumping most of your pretty screens off the main page with my far less beautiful images. XD

The Legend of Blake

The demo should take less than an hour.

Usual lunch

I do not plan to cook dumb people and put them in my soup, ahahaha not at all, nooo...
Phew! I was worried for a minute!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

even met a dragon after exploring a bit. It was awesome, even though it ended with a devastating fireball in my face. Ouch.
That must have been the dragon in the Hinterlands by Redcliffe Village. I saw that thing and was at the Game Over screen before I knew what hit me. XD


But Toad is in Smash.........

*insert Duck Hunt Dog giggle*


Greetings, suzy_cheesedreams.

Nothing wrong with cheese, now is there?
Absolutely not! And dreaming about cheese is even better. Cutting cheese, on the other hand... well... that's a different story.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

OH MAN! I love that Junes shirt!

♫ Everyday's great at your Junes! ♪

Also, playing SUPER SMASH BROS. FOR WII U. So pretty!