My games are very blue, seriously.
Project Oscine
Build the perfect group of fighters and traverse through ten different types of dungeons in order to gather data needed to save the planet!



Project Oscine

Did you get the Fertilizer and Special Growth items?

There is a patch of dirt near the cave entrance that's different from the rest of the ground. All you have to do is stand on that spot and by hitting Enter/Z it'll allow you to use a key item there.

The Warello Network

Just posting to say I made a couple of the enemies look better with the red grid and changed the critical damage from 300% to 200%.

It'll probably be my last edit until the contest is over.

Project Oscine

Sure thing; it's always fun to watch someone play through your game!

The Warello Network Review

Hey thanks for taking the time to review my game nhubi!

I get what you mean about a lack of backstory in the game; I sprinkled little things here and there, but there really wasn't much place to dump a lot of backstory on people, as I feared it might get in the way of pace I had set for the game.

If I get anywhere in the contest I may just make this more than one episodic adventure; everything would be clear as the story kept going, since they stumbled upon the very corp they've been on the run from for about a year.

The Warello Network

Thanks for the kind words. The whole grid-like look, partly inspired by the original Tron, was the spark that made me want to see this project through.

Now I notice a lot of my stuff is like, super blue.

The Warello Network

The download's now up, enjoy!


Bunnilda has the best smile of the group, and I'm not talking about that one.

Time to take my exit.

This post screams like a desire for people to persuade you that your work wasn't a waste and to stick around.

If you don't want people trying to persuade you to return, you wouldn't explicitly tell them not to. You put a lot of time into your stuff and it did in fact show, so it wasn't a waste; be more confident about your work, unless you want to think writing is a waste too later down the road.


I know for a fact I'll never tire of zombies. I was one happy camper when they became mainstream.

Project Oscine

Sorry for the late reply, my internet's been out until now.

I understand what you mean; I know I wouldn't do something like that in my full length game in the works as it would totally break it; I'm actually surprised more people didn't tell me about drowning everything. It's one of a few strategies that really break the game's difficulty, and there for people clever enough to find it.

The final boss and optional bosses specifically block Drown even with Douse transferred to them to prevent it from being a complete drownfest xD There's also a few other class combinations that break everything it touches though, there for people willing to truly find the "Perfect Team" as it were; it's even possible to kill off the toughest hidden optional boss in one turn without causing instant death.

I'm glad you still love the game though! Even though drown is totally intended for people who put the right skills together, I still might change it a bit to make it where it doesn't work 100% of the time.
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