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Super Smash Bros Crusade

Uh, yeah, I can read what you said. Your English is only vaguely coherent, so maybe I'm getting the wrong idea about what you're saying, but I don't think so. I'm trying to help you promote this game as best as you can by properly giving credit and now you're overreacting like an 8 year-old. Yes, I understand that you directly pasted the text but it is clear that you put enough effort to make sure all the titles were colored and to put some wonky CSS in as well--why can't you add a little text disclaimer that makes it clear this wasn't made by you?
If anyone is spamming this gameprofile (not topic), it's you, you simply could've just added a simple "I didn't make this project, it was created by this other dev team who gave me permission." Writing paragraphs of critical response it not spam and I certainly hope you do not think that it is. It doesn't matter so much if you tell kentona as you tell US who really made this.

Also, I don't generally contact over PM if there is a place to talk because discussing issues out in the open and public is a strong belief of mine, so yeah, no secrecy.

And now, you put the link up at the top. Seriously, why can't you just put "I didn't make this game, the original creators and their thread can be found here:" in front of that?

(Also, I have no idea what "PD" means but I am assuming it means police department. You have two PD 2s by the way, although maybe "Pd 2" is different... Hmm...)

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Dude are you fucking kidding me. It says "Our" in the first few sentences, you're listed as a Developer on the side of the gameprofile, and everyone in the comments think you made the game. Do you honestly not realize that people already think you made this because of your description?

Well, either way, I've already contacted an admin about this; it'll be up to their judgment from now on.

SSB Crusade Combo Video

Doesn't this belong on the gameprofile, not in a forum thread?

Super Smash Bros Crusade

I didn't say you didn't, although it's nice that you finally made that clear. But whether or not they did doesn't matter. You owe it firstly to them and secondly to THIS community to clearly represent it as their work.

Think about what you just said. They are desperately searching for publicity? So why haven't you clearly linked back to the original presentation of the project and made it clear that it is theirs? And once again, if you are trying to help promote their project, it would be helpful to list the clarifications that I asked. If you're simply being a lazy ass, then you are hardly helping them and are rather taking up the place of someone who could more strongly promote this project.
Seriously, think about what you just said.

At this point, you just seem to be trying to make it appear as if this is your work. Or just... Do I even have to say it? (fairly clueless)

EDIT: Seriously, can anyone else understand why it is so hard to simply link back to the original thread and make a big disclaimer saying "THIS IS NOT MY GAME, THE ORIGINAL CAN BE FOUND HERE?" I've worked on a variety of translation projects and the only one I ever released was this game where I made sure to make it clear who the original creator was and that I had permission. I'm pretty sure it's just a sign of honesty and respect that you, y'know, make sure to say it wasn't made by you but by them...

Also might want to clean up your CSS, the word "CRUSADE" in the title is blocked by "Review," "Subscribe" and "Vote" and the download button is hanging a little low...

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Is not my game XDDDD

Yeah, uh, pretty sure this guy just proved me right. If you aren't putting out some sort of easily-visible note and a link to the original, you are essentially stealing credit and I will have to report you for plagiarism. And yes, I was referring to your combo video.

If you're trying to spread publicity, you might want to either leave it to someone better suited or at least try to market it well. If I tell you that I would like you to explain the terms, it's not exactly good marketing to simply go "oh well no one else asked."

Super Smash Bros Crusade

So did you ask them for permission, and why did you not state that this wasn't your project? I don't think they would appreciate that you seem to be stealing credit for their work... Most of the comments on this page seem to suggest that people think YOU created this work. You did state in a comment that you are not a dev (which I just noticed) but this shouldn't be hidden information... And your previous comment saying "I am a spriter, but not a dev." confuses me. Are you spriting for them or are you not? Either way I'd appreciate it if you ensure that my criticism reaches them and ideally, I see some sort of response in either text or the game itself.

Pressing down and A should make you tilt anyways. But if you press up then A... shouldn't you jump then Nair? That's how it works. In the actual smash games, tilting works by not having to press the control stick all the way which would normally make the character jump, move, or smash. And there's an option to set a key purely for smashing? Perhaps you should explain this more clearly or even have such a key as a default option, otherwise it seems the controls are somewhat broken if tilts don't work for certain players and are thus at a disadvantage.

Also, it is pretty that this game is not marketed or designed towards non-professional/tournament Smash players, considering that the FAQ is mostly made up of technical terms that general players wouldn't know. Since this is taken from Smashboards, that is understandable, but you probably want to put up a link to the original thread at the top of the description as well as clarify some of the terms. As I spend a fair amount of time playing tournament-style, I know what things like L-cancelling or SHFFL are, but 90% of people probably do not. And also, the combo video I saw seems pretty broken for non-professional/tournament players as well and fairly limited to those without a gamepad or the like.

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Then you should put a disclaimer at the top of this page stated that you aren't part of the game's development team. The description especially makes it sound like you worked heavily on it with the usage of "our." Otherwise it almost sounds like you're stealing credit for their work.

Other than that you didn't really address the other issues I listed. If you have contact with the devs... and you SHOULD, seeing as you must have asked their permission to post this here, then you should perhaps advise them with some of the criticisms I explained.

And you still didn't explain how tilting works. You can tilt on a GC controller by gently tilt the control stick... but you can't exactly gently tilt an arrow key.


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