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stunfisk is beautiful~

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Wow, I hope this is not as broken-looking as the video seems to show... It looks like you guys removed a lot of lag and added a ton of hitstun.

Also, how do you tilt on a keyboard? One of my favorite parts of competitive Smash play is the responsiveness of a good GC controller along with practiced reflexes for short-hopping/fast-falling... This seems like it would be clumsy and clunky on a keyboard in comparison.

Other than that, I'll have to reserve true judgment for later once I play a version... I can say that the screenshots are kind of a mess. There's waaaay too much text on the bottom of the screen. Blow up the size of that damage percentage, clean up the name lengths and standardize the fonts. Get rid of the "Lives" and bring back the icons... The character's face is unnecessary. As a matter of fact, the ugly dark-gray background of the box SHOULD be unnecessary if general HUD look is cleaned up and the actual stages are cleaned up as well. The actual Smash games use a solid, stylized character's logo to give a background to each player without overloading the eyes with information.

seriously sweet jesus what am I looking at here? I have no idea what I can stand on and what is background. The best Smash stages were the simplest ones.

Other than that, the character sprites clash a lot and are pretty ugly as a whole, but eh, it's hard to have consistent good-looking graphics for unprofessional fan-made projects I guess. I get a pretty strong Game Maker vibe from the sprites and their resizing... Well it is GM, so that makes sense. Most GM games I've played in the past usually have always felt kind of "easy and cheap" in their controls like something's not exactly right...

Super Smash Bros Crusade

The Development Team
Falcon8r - Programming
Phantom7 - Art and Graphics
Dr. MarioX - Spriting
Werekill - Miscellaneous

So uh... what do you do?


Redid all the CSS... but the game is on hiatus... until who knows when.

What if...

Hmmmm well, if you restored it for me, that would be awesome, although I can't say that I will produce anything new on it... not for a while at least.

What if...

what the fuck happened to my games

What's your job ?

i make rpgmaker games

just need a beta tester. nothing fancy.