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May the Stat Force Be With You

I'm old and I don't know anyone on this website anymore.

Schuld (English Translation) Review

Fun fact: the seven deadly sins in the book aren't in German. They're in Latin.

Schuld (English Translation)

Hi! I'd recommend watching one of the many LPs on YouTube to see how you're supposed to get past that part.

But January is the month that cares (about stats)

lol i have one of the top 5 downloaded games now


.. It is, isn't it. I never realized that, they were just part of the download pack that was on the dotShoot site.

Misao Recognition

gimme my misaos

Desert Nightmare (English Translation)

As it says in the description, the RTP has to be installed in order to play this game. You can find it through Google. Search "rpg maker 2000 rtp" or something similar.

Schuld (English Translation)

Yeah, probably. I've got a few on a list.

And it's hard to hold a stat in the cold November rain

Oh, apparently I have one of the top 10 most downloaded games now.

Where End Times Saddest Songs

Yeah, I won't be able to get anything in by the 31st... Might as well take me off the list! It's been a busy month for me.