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Desert Nightmare (English Translation)

Ahh, well I was looking for the antidote in the mine and I went into a room. The screen faded to black and I thought there was a cut scene coming but instead it just crashed and said Error: could not locate event.

I'm sorry about this. As I said, I did nothing to handle the actual events in the game, just all of the text. In the future I'll probably bugfix anything that I find in future translation projects, but I felt bad about releasing a "bugfixed" version of someone else's game, even though I had the creator's permission to translate it.

If you're still stuck, the best thing you can probably do is just try to go into the game itself and find where it crashes and try to fix it...

Desert Nightmare (English Translation)

Interestingly enough, I just had a 5 star review posted mentioning the quality of the translation itself. Admittedly, I don't personally think it's the best possible translation that I could do now as I finished this a few years back, and I didn't translate it in one sitting, but rather worked on it as a side-project over the course of a year or so; it took a long time to translate every single event on 200 odd individual maps and another couple hundred individual images. Due to this, the consistency of the translation is probably lacking and I may have translated the same words or phrasing in different manners, and other such odd things.

However, there shouldn't be any sort of cut off sentences or words. If that happens to you, you must have some sort of incorrect or lacking font patch--otherwise, either the people I had beta test or the good number of people who've played the final product probably would've noticed it. I personally made sure to check that nothing cut the edges either.

If you do need a walkthrough, there's one in the game's folder, although it's in German. You'll have to Google Translate it or something.

Desert Nightmare (English Translation) Review

Thank you for this! Sorry about that little bit of leftover German, but I s'pose it will just stand as a testament to its heritage...

Desert Nightmare (English Translation)

Yeah, I just might translate something in my spare time. There were a couple of other projects that I had in mind; I might get to those.

Sorry for any bugs that exist, I did not do any sort of fixing. I only changed all the text and dialogue sequences, and any sort of glitches or oddities that already existed have stayed intact.

The game should be completely playable all the way through, myself (and a couple others) tested it to make sure the game was thoroughly playable. If a bug crashes the game, you should probably just avoid whatever it was. There's also maybe an untranslated line or two but they're insignificant.

Although there is the one bug that I listed in the description. If you don't get the antidote for the poison before you leave the mine, you cannot go back and will just eventually die.

Another bride, another June, another statistic honeymoon

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Another bride, another June, another statistic honeymoon

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Mapping Tutorial - Meadow

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