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The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic


A Blurred Line
ABSProj by AzureFenrir (ABS Spell Demo, from an old GamingW tutorial)
A-CBS Deluxe by Lachsen (English version of Action CBS Demo)
Acetonic Mushrooms #1
Acetonic Mushrooms #2
Acetonic Mushrooms #3
Acetonic Mushrooms #4
Acetonic Mushrooms #5
Acetonic Mushrooms Forever by eNSO
Acetonic Mushrooms II, Episode 1
Acetonic Mushrooms II, Episode 2
A-KS (German version of Lachsen's CBS Demo)
Battle for Genesis Demo V1.0 by Kirbmaster & Jade
Bob's Big Adventure
Book of Three
Coaster Craft Gold
The Chain Game 2 by Gaming World
The Chimera Report
Chocobo Panic X-mas
Chocobo Panic
Clouded Heart v3 by Ozma Omega
Chocobo Panic Space
cRaZy_gUy's Journey
Desert Island v1.3 by manafreak
Don's Adventures
Easy Mac
Easy Mac 2
Epoch 2
Fate of an Angel by ADT
Final Fantasy: Shattered Lands
Final Fantasy: Endless Nova
Final Fantasy: Crystal Wings
Final Fantasy Fighters
Ghost in a Bottle
Idunn Ymiraldor
Sunset Over Imdahl
Iron Gaia - Where Angels Fear to Tread
Jay's Journey
Jay's Journey 2
Kinetic Cipher by Brickroad (2000 version, not 2003)
C'est Lavie! by AdmiralStyles
Love and War 1
Love and War 2 - Demo
Legion Saga
Legion Saga II
Legion Saga III
Miracle on RTP Street
Nightmare 4 (Fear)
Pokemon Hunter
Power Trip by Solosoft
Pokemon: The Evil Inside
Pokemon: The Evil Inside 2
The Longing Ribbon
Rivers of Time by Draggor
RM2kLibrary - A Final Hope by DarkPriest
Seekers of the Sun Demo
SEIKEN by FairyFish
Shattered Samurai
Shattered Samurai 2
Shattered Samurai - Special Edition by ArCsLnGa StUdIOs
Shepherd's Call: Revenge of the Genie
Super Smash Bros RPG v1.2 by Kirbmaster & Jade
With His Father's Sword
Technomancy by Hypotosis
The Blue Contestant
The Frozen World
Hallow's Eve
Three the Hard Way
The Way: Ep. 1
The Way: Ep. 2
The Way: Ep. 3
The Way: Ep. 4
The Way: Ep. 5
The Way: Ep. 6
Whack-A-Food by Doppleganger

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

author=Ranmaru Mori
I have a game request which could be quite difficult, since I forgot said game’s name, however I do remember some of the details.

The player controlled a character that had long brown hair and wore an overcoat; the first part of the game took place on a speeding steam-punk style train, where the player fought off enemies called “Nuls” or something. After this, something happened and the player ended up in a cell of some sort, where the main character befriended a mouse/rat thing which joined the party and helped the main character escape. I don’t remember much after this point.

The game was predominantly Steam Punk/Western and I think used Final Fantasy 6 graphics throughout, I know for a fact the main character was a modified Final Fantasy 6 Setzer sprite and used a handgun/revolver in battle.

Any help in finding this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

this game is called "technomancy"

if you ever played any of the flash series alice is dead, the sagittarian, or hood, they were made by the same guy. his site is here: (he's still making new flash stuff to this day)

here is technomancy download if no one else already put it up before:

edit: also jeez i have a ton of old stuff that people may want

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Let's Plays?

As it says on the frontpage, the RTP is required to be installed to play this game.

That can be downloaded here.
The font patch is here.

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Hi, thanks for LPing Desert Nightmare! I wasn't aware of it until just now, when I found out that someone else is currently in the middle of LPing it.

Schuld (English Translation) Review

Thank you for the review!

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