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Community Spotlight Interview: myformerselves

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Where End Times Saddest Songs

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The Screenshot Topic Returns

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Why rm2k3 is terrible for action games

Hi! This is my story.

I was once very interested in trying to make an action-based RPG style game in RPGMaker 2003. You can see some examples of that: here, here, and here. These 3 are only a small selection of a large collection of action-based games/demos that I released or worked on over the years I've been involved in the community. I've attempted to create such an action system at least 15-odd times, each time using different inspirations, ideas, mechanics, controls, etc. I would finish the system, then ditch the project entirely for a new one.

After playing with them for a long time, I realized something: I was wasting my time!

The inherent flaws in the program do not allow you to replicate the accurate game feel that many of our favorite action games do have. There has not been a single RPGMaker 2003 game to replicate the proper "game feel" and smoothness that games like Link to the Past provide. I'm NOT saying your game is supposed to be Link to the Past, or copy its exact mechanics, but almost every single GOOD handheld or console action-game has a tightness of control and feel. This is where games like Link to the Past, or even games like Mega Man, Soul Blazer, and Terranigma, shine and make them fun and playable. Of course, these flaws only appear when you are trying to bend to the program to do something it wasn't meant to do!

The problem itself is not the tile-based movement. The tile-based movement, however, does compound with the real issue, which truly is the collision detection. Every single 2k3 action game out there is either extremely easy, extremely difficult, or extremely tedious. No game has the naturalistic, smooth control of a real action game and battles always feel very awkward and terribly forced. They're either some sort of cheap button mash or some tediously slow crawl. At the point at which you have the ability to create something like a pixel based movement, you'll have this incredibly unwieldy and tedious system. When you're at that step and at that level, why don't you just move onto a higher-level program with real action capabilities? It's fun to bend the limits of 2k3, but some things... just weren't meant to be bent.

Once I realized this fact, I was able to peacefully move on with my life. So go on, you can move on with your lives too.

The end.
-an "ABS veteran"

Schuld (English Translation)

It's Gymnopédie No. 1, composed by Erik Satie.

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Okay, I've fixed that.

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

I've begun updating my previous posts with download links to all your requests.
I've also already filled up my locker with uploads, so they're now on MediaFire. I also threw some more games on the lists, and put links to stuff that I had previously uploaded as well.


... welp, vx

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic


Alvorada do Mal
Alter Aila Genesis
Ascendence RSD VI
Befuddle Quest 4
Befuddle Quest 5
Dhux's Scar
Donald Fuck RPG
Final Fantasy VII The Dark Cloud 2.0 RPG by Denis Murphy
Alex Unleashed (from this video
Pokemon Hunter 2
Pokemon Hunter 3
Pokemon Fighters
Potty Wars/Potty Quest 2002 by Jake Productions
Return of the Yeti
Phylomortis II
Super Porygon 3D
Sore Losers
Tale of Exile Act I
Taut (English)
Wooby RPG

I know I have more on my external hard drive somewhere, but I can't be bothered to look through it, lol, unless requested for something specific. I distinctly recall playing a lot of other titles that aren't here, but I switched computers a few years back. Also not sure how much of this is rare, but I'll upload anything requested (unless it already exists).

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic


The Super Astronomical (And Robotic) Space Fish
Pirates: The Legend of the Silver Crescent
Razorblade Symphony Demo v1.1 by Grimlock
Take Down: Lambs of Destiny
A Home Far Away
ALEX III : A 3 Days Collaborative Game
ALEX IS : A Two Days Collaborative Game
Alter Aila
Ara Fell
Backstage 2 (Ghostlight Demo Day Release)
Balmung Cycle
Befuddle Quest
Blink RSD
Blobagotchi Advanced by Carius
Befuddle Quest 2
Befuddle Quest 3
Loque City by Loque (for GW Breach contest)
The Chain Game 3
Chartley Forest Map by Chartley
Chasing Suns - Demo Day by Malad
Death Proclaimed
Death Proclaimed II
Demon Legacy
Don't Go Out
Eldritch Final Demo
Elegy's Eve
Elephant Memorial by King of Games
Empathie Demo Day III by Potty Ninja
Enter the Cave
Fatal Promise Demo
Fenrir - First Operation
Final Fantasy High
Final Fantasy: Four Soul Saga (Final Fantasy I-2) by Craze
Finding Forever Eden v9.0
Forgotten Origins
Gates of Evocation by Malad & Cheshire Cat
Gondu' Forest by Xeno-soft
Grave Spirit
Harry - Demo Day by Cheshire Cat
Haze, Daze, Curiousness by JPC
Hero's Realm
Horizons Meyaha by Nsm
Iron Gaia Virus
Iris of Emillion RSD Edition
It's Good to Be a Pirate (Multilang)
GW Map Competition Entry by JPC (this later became Eldritch, I believe)
Umbriel Forest by JPC
Jump Platinum
Knights Tale
Legends of Illarion
Lingering Forsaken
Make It Work!
Metal Tears Battle Demo by Meiscool
Pirate Cove by Maxy
Professor McLogic Saves the Day!
Monster World RPG
Naufragar Crimson
Neophyte's Map Entry by Neophyte
Decayed Forest by Neophyte
Nightmare in Flames Preview by AznChipmunk
Chrono Trigger by Ratty524
Reverence by Orig
Paradise Blue
Phantom Legacy
Pillar Town by Teo Mathlein
Pumpkin Night
Surge by Blitzen (for GW Breach contest)
Rainbow Nightmare Ch. 1
Rose Chronicles
Sessions 3
Solar Tear REBORN
Sprite Chaser 2 by David Miles Carter
Take Down Legacy Remix
Tau RMN Mapping Entry by Tau
Taut Demo (English) by Char0n
The Burning Grail
The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone I + II
The Warrior - ABS
The Happy Fun Game
Til Death Do Us Part
what lies beyond that swamp by Chesire Cat
Wilfred, the Hero Part 1
Wonders Inc
Worldsong by Craze
Worldsong Remix
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Remake
Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven