The Screenshot Topic Returns


I see the effect you're trying to go for with your mountain 'ledge', but the problem is, just doing diagonal tiles like that, won't show depth. I created this shot real quick as a suggestion on how you might modify yours a little bit to give it more of a natural look.

Now, its not a great screenshot by any means, but do you see the way I used ramps and shadows to give the illusion of increasing height? This not only takes away from some of the blockiness of the auto-tiles but also helps clearly define where the changes in elevation are.

Just my two cents though.
I see what you did but everything in my pic is the same depth if you understand what I am saying. They are not going down it just goes to another screen lol.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Oh I see, I just wanted to to make it look hum like a ledge?

Actually that ledge was longer, the picture I had just show part of it. I cut it so people could see what the heck I was doing.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I like that - now you can see clearly that it's the top of a high ledge, because of the stone cliffs underneath. There's a random sand tile in the air above the heroes, though. :)
I noticed that when I uploaded the photo LOL...

Oh those rocky stuff, I put it there because I don't like how boxy VX feels. If I take it out it would look like this:

The Screenshot Topic Returns

What about this?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Bandito To be honest, I wasn't able to tell it was a mountain until you said it was. Maybe it would help to show the horizon or lower portions of the mountain.
Maybe you are right I was thinking about that but I wanted to show how it would like from that perspective. Maybe put some small trees would help maybe...but then it wouldn't made sense in a desert because in this case this desert is called a wasteland for a reason.

Maybe some small cacti or something I will update it later...

EDIT: This doesn't fit what I am trying to show, but I will use it as template to show if I understood what you meant...

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I've been working on some custom tilesets for RPG maker vx. This is part of my intro whick occurs on a desert, the main reason it looks empty. It suppoosed to show the height of the mountain, main reason I din't put any cactus or stuff there. Ralph's story at least until I finish my characters.


We'll work it out. I did those characters myself so I'm very proud of them.
They are too big though, they are bigger than the beds in the game LOL.


Those trees look so awesome!


I love this picture!


a skeleton is feeling drowsy?