RMN Map-Design Contest [Winners announced]

Craze, I totally solved your riddle. ;)
It was kind of a give away when you said "externally solved riddle". ^_^

Discussion of Multiple Things

I don't think any of those have any kind of correct answer. You just have to pay attention to difficulty and game balance. And for swords and guns, I guess it depends on the setting?

RMN Map-Design Contest [Winners announced]

You should check out some of JPC's stuff. Chartley's map really reminds me of his maps.

I won't pretend I wasn't inspired. ;)

The Next Maker?

On this note, I wish they used a different system for the X/Y coordinates for pictures. Something like, where you want the upper-left corner of the picture to be instead of the center. I remember this was a problem for some people, myself included and its bothersome even to this day.

This is fixed in Rpg Maker VX, and probably XP too!

RMN Map-Design Contest [Winners announced]

I finished it too! Was there a way to not get killed?

RMN Map-Design Contest [Winners announced]

Oh come on man, give him an 18 at least! Then he passes! You're like those really really mean teachers that fail their students with a 49%

(I'm only joking by the way!)

Making the DBS interesting

Also, for balancing and algorithms, check out the spread sheets I made for that purpose:

These formulas were actually borrowed from Whoopa!

And as for battles, interesting skill learning systems can make battles much more interesting. Also, so can forcing the player to economize a bit. It's also a good idea to work with smaller numbers when you can!

What does your avatar mean?

I was fooling around with some basic pixel art, and the cat snake to the left is what I came up with. ^_^

It was supposed to be like something you'd find in Earthbound.

RMN Map-Design Contest [Winners announced]

Okay, I've played through them all, so I'll say a few words about each!

Little Wing Guy
I really enjoyed the humour actually, I thought that was a nice touch. The map LOOKED very good, but it was rather hard to tell where I could walk and where I couldn't, but I figured it out. I also really enjoyed the mini game, especially how you begin to run out of stamina. (Though it was a little annoying walking slow, but it increased the suspense.)

Okay, a little plain, but it was the one map that never confused me, as the borders were very clear. Also, the mini game was cool. Basic, but cool.

Not bad, but a little confusing. And the foliage looks kind of funny in some parts (Though I guess I can't really criticize there. ^_^). But over all, it was pretty good. But I don't recommend having such a slow text speed, most people can read much faster than what was being displayed.


Wonderful map, and wonderful ambiance. I hardly have any complaints, as the map never really confused me. Good work!

I actually really really dig this one, as it explored a completely different setting than the others, and it succeeded wonderfully. Also, this map was not very confusing at all, and it looked nice.

This one was awesome because it had a simple uncluttered lay out where you could walk, but nice complex looking cliffs/foliage where you couldn't. I do like how it kept the confusing stuff separate from the gameplay area. Excellent.

This one was wonderful because of the interactivity of it. I liked the feeling of real exploration. The cut scene at the end was pretty fly, but I didn't really know what was going on.

This was a pretty cool idea for a riddle, actually! It was a little easy though for a master riddler such as myself ;). The voice acting and music was pretty neat, but as you said, it was rather creepy. Which is all good of course. The map itself was pretty plain though!

And with that, I nominated Tau and iamnot. I do this because their maps never forgot they were designed for a game. Tau gets points for his map looking nice and broody, and iamnot gets points for establishing a unique setting. Good work everyone!

RMN Map-Design Contest [Winners announced]

I suggest we allow Neophyte to enter his submission, before anyone does any nominating.