[Final Demo] Dragon Fantasy II

Ephiam, I am going to give this thing a go tomorrow because it looks radical. Also, I haven't beat the first one? Do I fail? How much of a sequel is this?

Earthbound Confirmed for Virtual Console

Ha, it's not going to be 3D. It'll be the exact same as it was on SNES.

Earthbound Confirmed for Virtual Console

Well, it's not exactly a typical modern day setting. At all.

Release Something! Day III: Demo Day Edition [June 20th, 2008]

Sign me up! I'll most likely have a full game out as I'm working on a small project at the moment. But call it Old Man right now. :)

This made my day, I love these things.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

That was a pretty cool video! Hopefully you create some mind bending gap-jumping puzzles. :)

Top Ten Topic: Favorite Video Games

I shall try my best!

1) Earthbound
2) Super Metroid
3) A Blurred Line (You heard me, now get on it LYS!)
4) Dragon Quest VIII
5) Final Fantasy VIII
6) Final Fantasy V
7) Pokemon Red
8) The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
9) Donkey Kong Country
10) Metroid: Fusion

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

Craze, I like what you're doing with VX! Good job. You can make us the unofficial sample game and inspire others (like me) to start using it more seriously.

And on that note, I've started a project tonight. :)
Here's a little insignificant preview:

Earthbound Confirmed for Virtual Console

This makes me so happy. :)

Kentona, I really really really recommend Earthbound! It is my all time favorite RPG. And when you're finished with it, wait patiently for Mother 3 to be translated, because I think it'll snag the throne and be the best RPG ever!

Earthbound is awesome if:
- You like the Dragon Quest series, because they're very similar in game play.
- You like humor. Earthbound has the best humor in any game ever.
- You like adventures set in modern day settings.
- You like a weirdness/sillyness. Your first weapon is a cracked bat, and at one point in the game, you fight a giant pile of puke. Not to mention hippies and skater punks.

Also, the game isn't all about jokes. Well it is, but it also has a good story and a great way of telling. It's very interesting that the creator of EB (Itoi) isn't really a game designer. He's a copyright artist, and the Mother series is his only involvement in game creation. I wonder if this has anything to do with the creativity of the game. Perhaps it is so unique because Itoi wasn't really in it for the business it self, but just to make his unique vision come true... He's a bit like us perhaps.

Mario Kart Wii

I don't consider it terrible, but those are definitely flaws. :(
I wish the multiplayer modes were more customizable. But it's still a lot of fun. Also, the wheel is fun. The controller might be more useful for winning, but the wheel is probably more fun.

The Next Maker?

Even FF7 through FF12 aren't true 3D
If 10 and 12 isn't 3D, then what IS?

As for a new maker...
-A option for resolutions. It'd be nice if we could choose lower or higher resolutions!
-Menu customization (without scripting). It'd be cool if there was a tab for customizing menus and windows just be dragging and scaling objects.
-Built in party switcher
-More customization with monster groups and monster selection. In Dragon Quest 8, it makes use of "groups" of similar enemies. For example, some skills will target a group of enemies, instead of simply "all" or "one".