I still firmly believe that Tom Sawyer should be every kids idol. That's like, the childhood I wish I had. Though I suppose I was like that to some degree.


Is that perception accurate?

I believe this is accurate, especially in cities. I don't blame the parents so much as I blame media itself. This includes TV, video games, movies, etc. These are all good things, but in moderation. I think they are readily abused by every kid who has them. I do think think childhoods are still just as healthy as ever in urban areas and small towns. It only seems to be cities that have a problem! Also, innocence is a dying trait, I remember a some young kid going by me on the bus and gave me the middle finger :(. I was more shocked and sad than angry. So yes, I'd say there is a definite change in the way kids grow up!

What was your childhood like?

I loved my childhood and I still miss it! We had a nintendo and a TV, but I very rarely used it. Most of my time consisted of the following: The sandbox, lego, drawing comics, adventuring abroad, finding new trails on our bikes, building tree forts, building snow forts, tobogganing, and uh, really bad chemistry experiments.

It was kind of odd too, but my friend and I used to plan out RPGs on paper. It's a shame I don't know what happened to them. If nothing else, they probably had awesome dungeon design!

A Polite Request

Aren't you just about done school right now?

My gift to the community, Algxel!

I just thought I'd update this! I think I've changed my mind and decided to use RMVX for a project now, so I made a VX version of Algxel. ;)
It works basically the same as the other one, except that now the only fields that need entering are on the first page! And like last time, only the black cells.

Here it is!

Mario Kart Wii

It just came out today here! And I bought it :)

Also, I live in Canada. We're actually not part of North America. We're "Really North America".

What was the first game you ever played?

Probably one of the megaman games for NES!

Development & Resource Guide

I'm just about done a VX version :)

Development & Resource Guide

I'm just going to go ahead and throw Algxel in here! This is for anyone who needs help calculating algorithms and battle formulas for RM2k/3.

Top Ten Topic: TV Theme Songs!

I always really liked the MASH theme, but that's the only one I can think of. :(

What did you watch last?

Fistful of Dollars. Wicked movie. It makes me feel badass.