What's your opinion on "cliched" games?

You're worrying about logic and realism waaaay to much, throw that out the window. Do you also hate fables, fantasy books, and science fiction? Because there is nothing realistic about waving wands, or epic space fights. But the value of these things is that they can reflect real life things in a way that entertains us.

And the light and dark thing... that's old, I mean, ancient. That'll never die out, because it's not a story. It's a theme, or more specifically, a metaphor for the good versus evil theme. I don't think themes can be clitches. They can be abused, but always redeemed by a creative person.

And come on, big swords are clearly effective! Could Cloud have beaten ol' Sepherfroth with a steak knife? I don't think so!

ALSO: I'm being an asshole and I apologize!

We Did It First screenshot thread

You've probably seen them before, you've just never seen them used in such a beautiful way. That's my honest conclusion. They were all on Phylomortis before the site passed away. They're from this bonus CD thing from Enterbrain. I'd show you them, but I have no idea where they're hosted right now! Unless WIP is willing to put them in the resource site, maybe I'll submit them?

What's your opinion on "cliched" games?


I approve! Perhaps we need a filter, so that whenever someone says "cliche" they're error is corrected. I think that would be the right thing to do.

Also, by definition, Dragon Quest 8 probably has the most unoriginal clitch plot, but it still remains the second best RPG ever. So Nyeh!

What's your opinion on "cliched" games?


All of the above could possibly be great games. A lot of it depends on the "why" fleshy part of the story. The loner hero traveling with a group might be leading his companions to a beasts lair as bait, who knows?

Also, much of these said "cliches", such as the strength/sword correlation exist because they fit gameplay very well. If you're sacrificing quality game elements to avoid cliche's then that is pretty silly!

Also, I'm becoming allergic to the word cliche. We need a new word.

RPG MAKER 2000 - Still Kicking

Karsuman, I was only comparing default battle systems! No scripts attached.
But yes, you make a point, that RM2k doesn't allow common events. However, I think it makes up for it by actually working decently.

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We Did It First screenshot thread

Experimenting with something other than RTP for once.

Top Ten Topic: Consoles!

2) Playstation 2
3) Nintendo DS
4) Wii
5) Classic Gameboy

I think the DS will probably move up on this list pretty soon. There a couple of coming-soons that will sway me in its favour. There are also a lot of good ones already out there that I have yet to play, that would also capture my heart.

What's your opinion on "cliched" games?

A story doesn't have to be complex or anything. I just has to have style. Style can be achieved in so many ways, but none that I am at liberty to say because I suck. So there!

Style is rather hard to define, I say. But it's very easy to point at. The way I'd define style is something (in this case a story) that is hard to replicate. This does NOT mean that your story has to be complex, or even original, but it should reflect a part of you.

I'm going to unsuccessfully use brandonabley's game "What the Hell" as an example! Obviously, the dude has an interest in music, and you can see that through the game. It was used in puzzles and so and so forth. The truth is, it had nothing to do with the story, but it still made the whole shabang come across as considerably more fresh. If you take away the elements of style from that game, you'd probably unearth a shitty story. Or maybe it was good, I can't remember, but if it had a shitty story, all that style covered its ass. But it still failed because he never finished it!

Okay Abley, you can punch me in the shoulder or something.

RPG MAKER 2000 - Still Kicking

Out of any in the series, RM2K is the one with the best default battle system. And by best, I mean solid and properly working! VX's battles are the same, but is less flexible due to limits in equipment, spells, states, etc.

I think maybe we should have a topic outlining the pros and cons of each maker. Perhaps this would be useful for those just starting out!