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RTP vs. Custom Graphics

I'm actually surprised nobody just makes an RTP game and then just replaces the graphics as they go along.

As for my opinion I actually don't mind playing games with RTP graphics. Making you own stuff will definitely help it stand out more but be aware of the time it takes to do so.

When do you consider yourself "good" at something?

You're only considered good at something when you put in more effort than someone who doesn't really give a damn. There are far more ideas/concepts that never leave people's minds then there are ones that were actually implemented and failed.

If you put even a little effort in something someone out there is going to think you're good at it. Whether or not they bother to tell you or not is a different issue.

[RM2K3] Steam version or Tsukuru?

I'm almost pissed off that the legit Steam version seems inferior to the Tsukuru version because it contained an updated engine while the games made with Tsukuru can be patched with stuff like DynRPG.

It's only inferior in the fact that it doesn't support patching. It has many bug fixes, extra features, and way better display options. It's also seems way more stable.

Should i use the Steam version or the Tsukuru version?

Depends what features are you trying to add to your game. I would never switch over just because there potential for more features. If there's something you want that official 2k3 can't provide and you absolutely must have it then yes switch otherwise I'd look for a work around.

Is there a compatible patch program that works with the new version, or there aren't really no one?

I almost certain there isn't anything like this available.

[RM2K3] Is it possible to remove the limit of 100 event pages?

Why would you need that many pages?

Yeah I'm curious about that too. I've seen some pretty complex stuff in RM2k3 but nothing that came close to hitting 100 pages.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Oh goodness, that's been playing me forever. Thank you so much! You don't mind if I recolor these for this, do yo?

Of course recolor them as you see fit.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Punkitt(spelled it right this time) your maps look very nice but one thing that's been bugging me it that your paths tiles look very square which kinda stands out with angle of the roads and houses. I have some path tiles that you can use to follow the Earthbound isometric-ish angle.

And here's what they look like in action.

Just a suggestion. Your game is looking very nice either way.

What are the most simple battle systems that still work well?

The first two Paper Mario games have simple battle systems that work fairly well. Basic enemies require a little strategy so you can't just mash attack to win. And outside of the level up and badge systems the damage numbers were completely static and very low which allowed for easy balancing.

How do you go about creating a game?

(+1 Team Screw That) It too easy to get distracted by everyday life when your in the process of creating anything. And personally I'd rather have a bunch of disconnected ideas/concepts/projects that I can weave together than one perfectly planned out project that grinds to halt the moment I hit a creative/technical roadblock but that's just me.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@pinkitt & Dookie those screens look fantastic. I'm totally jealous.

I've been messing around with the message boxes a bit and came up with this spiral notebook motif. I like it so much may just end up basing the whole menu system around it.

Here's the mostly finished version of that Cheerleader thing from before.

Aaaand here's what happens when you miss. (You can also see I've been messing around with the battle HUD a bit.)

[RM2K3] Need help with damage ticking

I can't believe the solution was so simple, I really need to mess around with loops more often. Just tried it and it works perfectly. Putting two 0.0 waits at the end seems to be a comfortable speed (a single 0.1 wait is way too slow).

Thanks for the help Karins.